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Day 248 | MAY 16, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 248 of our new and amazing life!

Monday is somehow the busiest day for us.

Today Charlie and I had agreed that I would not visit her, since I had several meetings and so much work to be done around the house.

Our day started with our morning call with Charlie, London and Julien now can’t wait to see their mommy, it is incredible to see the difference from 3 weeks ago, when Julien would not want to go on Charlie’s lap, because he was scared of the wheelchair, now he runs towards her chair! I know this makes her heart!

As the afternoon approached, I had this incredible urge to go and see Charlie, and that I did! I texted her on my way there, she was so pleasantly surprised, since she knew that I was not coming today.

We ordered dinner and had a great conversation. Today Charlie’s Two medical aids went into SAI for training, and Charlie’s first impression was a very positive one, and we are so relieved and grateful for the two ladies for their genuine kindness and professionalism. Charlie is so excited to get to know them.

Charlie also told me that some of her grafts are opening up again! Mostly in her knees and ankles, that is the price of her standing up on her chair, just to give you an idea, our normal skin, the epidermis alone has around 50 to 100 layers of skin cells, Charlie CEA, on average can have 20 to 30 skin cells layers, that is a good way to understand how much thinner her new skin is, that is why is always opening up and bleeding so easily, it is very painful and at the same time frustrating, but she never complains or let it stop her! Today her dirty clothes had her pants drenched in blood, I just don’t understand how strong Charlie is, and how can she remain so graceful when in so much pain?!

Charlie always asks me to give her a glass of milk and two cookies as her dessert, she LOVES her sweets 🙂. Today she asked for 3 😉.

I will give her anything that she asks me for, but when she smiles like she does, how can I say no!

Charlie and I are so grateful for the many messages we have received from so many of you , wanting to order a book!

Here is the good news, we will anticipate the book pre-sale, we are working to have it ready by the first week of June! And the actual publishing will be announced very soon as well!

I was thinking today, how amazing and how blessed we are to have you praying, thinking and being supportive of us for such a long time!

Thank you! May God bless you!


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