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Day 244 | MAY 12, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 244 of our new and amazing life!

Well, what an amazing day we had!

Today I woke up with a massive headache, but I was able to get better as soon as I got out of the shower.

As usual Charlie called to see her boys and wished London a good day at school. Each day that passes, baby Julien and London are becoming more and more excited about mommy coming home.

We continue to make great progress on the house modifications, I am so grateful for our construction crew, they are moving fast to get Charlie home!

I did found out more information on the Virginia Tax credit for home accessibility, and it is a good program, you don’t get cash, but they give you a tax credit, so next year when we file taxes , we complete these very detailed form, attach picture of the before and after, invoices and if they approve, we should get a $5k tax credit, that is the max allowed, every little bit helps, if you know of anyone modifying their homes to accommodate a person on a wheelchair, be sure to let them know about this tax credit.

Around Lunch time Charlie called and today was rounds with her Rehab Team, and today was a big day! They would discuss her discharge date 🙂

Well, after few minutes of reviewing Charlie’s case, they all agreed on a date, I know that you really want to know when, but for now we will keep it between us, until we are 100% sure that it will actually happen, but I can say it, that is going to be sometime in May 🙂, please pray that she will come home in May.

If that was not enough amazing news! We had another great news to celebrate.

Today we received the final designs for the book cover, and Charlie and I made our choice, we can’t wait for you to see it!!

Charlie is beyond excited about coming home, and she is also nervous, it is going to be a huge adjustment, but we are ready to face this new chapter of our incredible journey, please know that Charlie coming home is not the end of her journey, sadly we still just in the beginning


Charlie will continue her wound care, PT and OT she will go to outpatient rehab at UVA, and with God’s help she will continue to improve her mobility, and in a year or so, she will undergo surgery, to replace both of her knees and to also have few of her skin grafts repaired, so yes, it is amazing that she is coming home but this is just the next step on this lifelong Journey.

We are beyond grateful to see how far she has come, and we remain faithful that God will continue to bless and strengthen us until the end. We are also grateful for your prayers, love and support.

I once again encouraged you to visit the blog and sign up, the book pre-sales are around the corner and you will want to be signed up on the blog to be the first ones to know about it and maybe for a special gift for being amongst the first on the blog.

Have a good night, May God bless You.


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