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Day 242 | MAY 10, 2022

Good Evening Friends, today is day 242 of our new and amazing life .

Today was another very busy day.

Early start, morning meetings and I made my way to see Charlie.

Today Charlie had an appointment at the wheelchair clinic, and she asked me to be there with her.

The purpose of this appointment was to measure and customize the wheelchair that Charlie will have made for her, due to her unique leg position, these is the only chair capable of accommodating her legs, and perform the standing position, giving Charlie great mobility under her circumstances, I was amazed to see what this chair can do, it is absolutely incredible the technology behind it, she could drive up to 15 miles !! and we are so grateful that our insurance will pay for this chair.

They also measure her for her shower chair, and bed, she will have a hospital bed for when she comes home.

After the appointment Charlie and I talked for a while, today we discussed what to expect when she comes home.

Charlie is feeling a little anxious, it is going to be a huge challenge the return home, it is going to be the third and most difficult phase of this journey.

Once home, Charlie will face her new reality , she will experience her own home, the challenge of her mobility, and it will be hard.

We knew that the coming home phase would be a difficult one, but we also know that the previous phases have given her and me the strength to overcome this new challenge. We are grateful for God’s grace and we do ask for your prayers.

Charlie is also excited to be returning home and to be with her boys, this is the best part of returning home.

Today we had a very special visit. A family friend, all the way from Brazil, is the friend that years ago gave Portuguese lessons to Charlie and that is the reason why Charlie is able to speak Portuguese.

It was great to catch up, share stories, cry and laugh together.

Our friend gave Charlie two beautiful wood sculptures, one of a hummingbird and a dragonfly, have a look at the pictures below.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

May God bless you .


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