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Day 238 | MAY 06, 2022

Good evening, friends today is day 238, of our new and amazing life!

Today was a good day!

Charlie had a very good day with her PT and OT, she practiced standing up in her wheelchair and she was able to organize her own room 🙂, she was so proud of her work!

This was a blessed week, we received good news and also some challenging ones, but overall, we are very happy.

Today we had our usual friend that comes to visit every Friday, and we just love her:)

We had such an enjoyable conversation, she brought Pizza and non-alcoholic beer. Thanks, and friend!

Charlie and I had a very emotional conversation today, I was emotional actually, today I was asked by my mother, when would I take some time for myself, and for some reason this question is a trigger for me, I don’t think about how much I am doing, I am happy to be doing everything that I am doing, I do know it is a lot and I try not to stop to think about, because if I do, I may come down and drop some balls.

Charlie, in her kind and loving way, asked me how she could help me in finding time for myself, to which I responded, when you come home, I will have more time to spend with you 🙂 that is what I need for my self-care.

Charlie did something very sweet today, on the room next to her, there is a patient that has some mental disability, and today Charlie gifted her the Cross and butterfly window decoration that I posted a picture of it, she said, this cross has brought me so much comfort, that now is time to pass it along 🙂, Charlie you are just amazing!

Tomorrow, I am bringing the boys to see Charlie. She is so excited to hold her babies, let’s hope for good weather.

Charlie's skin is healing very well, she has less and less open wounds on her legs, she now is receiving wound care every other day, this is a great step in reducing her need for her wound care needs.

I am so grateful for her healing and I am counting the days for her to return home.

Thank you and May God Bless You!

PS: Sorry for my delay in posting, I drove through this horrible storm, and traffic on 64 was moving very slowly due to the heavy rain and lack of visibility, thank God, I made it home safely.


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