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Day 232 | APRIL 30, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 232 of our new and amazing life.

Saturday is our new favorite day, that is when I am taking the boys to visit with Charlie.

Today we left the house around 10:30am and made our way to SAI.

We brought our lunch from Bodos, one of Charlie’s favorite spots in Charlottesville.

London is always so excited to see mommy, Julien took a nap on the way there and was a little sleepy at first.

We met at our usual shaded place on the side of the building, and laid our blankets.

I brought a kite and London was so happy!! Julien also couldn’t take his eyes from the kite, it is amazing how much kids enjoy flying kites and Charlie loved seeing us having such a good time.

Once the sun took over our shaded area, we made our way to the tables and ate our lunch.

Baby Julien was very excited to explore the garden, to see Charlie’s face as Julien explored the area, I can’t even imagine what thoughts she had, looking at our boys, just 7 months ago, she was not sure if she would ever see or hold her babies again.

Days like this, makes me so grateful, we have so much to be thankful for, one of the things that I am so humbled by is how much we are learning, when the accident happened, we were introduced to a new world, the world of Burns, and now we are being introduced to a brand-new world once again, the World of Accessibility, I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to learn about different realities, and this will make us better humans.

After our lovely visit with Charlie, we made our way home, and it didn't take long for both boys to be in a deep sleep:) ok the ride back.

Once home, I spend the afternoon looking for a Modified vehicle, Charlie asked me to look for a van that she can enter with her wheelchair, somehow, I am just now starting to look for one, I had no idea that there is so many types of modifications, I will be contacting a specialized dealership in Richmond on Monday, I absolutely need some guidance on this matter.

I am so grateful for your prayers and support.

Have a good night and May God Bless You!


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