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Day 229 | APRIL 27, 2022

Good evening, Today is day 229 of our new and amazing life!

Today was a good day!

Up and early, I started my busy but productive day.

I greatly appreciate the several messages and calls about the podcast!

I am very pleasantly surprised with the feedback, if you haven’t heard yet, I highly suggest that you do, I noticed after listening to it that this interview is almost identical to the first chapter of our book, so maybe by accident I may have leaked out a preview of the book?!

Charlie had a very busy day as well, she is working hard with her PT team, on her droopy foot, this is the one area that she has experienced the most progress, and it is very promising for her future in walking again.

Today she also had a good session with hand therapy and they placed a cast her left thumb, to be a semi-permanent splint, however now she lost her ability to grab anything with her left hand 😞, so no holding on to anything for now.

Charlie called around lunch time, and baby Julien was the star of the call. She was so adorable and interacting with Charlie, he is just so cute and he knows it!!

Now, get ready for the sweetest story, our orders son, London is 5 years old, and to the friends close to us, they know how much he resembles Charlie’s features and her personality, so today on his way to school, our Au Pair walks him to school, it is just 12 minutes away from our house, London decided to pick up some butter cups flowers for his mommy 🙂.

I got a text from his teacher with the following message and picture at the end:

“These are flowers that London picked for his mom on his walk to school this morning. We are keeping them fresh for her! Have a great day!”

Now, for a second, just think about the innocent heart of a 5-year-old, collecting flowers on his way to school, to his mother who has been at a hospital for almost 8 months!

The fact that after this much time, he still thinks about her often and on his way to school, this gesture has warmed Charlie’s heart and mine so much!

I am so proud of London, because you can’t teach a kid to be kind of thoughtful with words, they only learn this kind of behavior, by experiencing and watching it, I am grateful that our boys are going to grow up knowing what Love is, knowing how faith is important to our life’s, and I pray that they continue to grow in kindness and love into their adult years.

Tonight, Charlie and I will go to bed, with a smile in our faces, that only proud parents can understand, it is such a simple act, but it is so profound in its meaning, just for a moment, I wish to be 5 years old again, and experience the love that only a child can give to his/her mommy at that tender age.

May God Bless You!


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