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Day 226 | APRIL 24, 2022

Good evening, friends, today is day 226 of our new and amazing life.

What a incredible day, this was one of the best days since the accident 🥰

Yesterday, as I was putting away picture frames, and other items from our study, I had this feeling of what if, what if Charlie didn’t make it?

How would I have found my way to keep on going and raise the boys without her.

How amazing it is to know that God didn’t let that happen and today we had the most amazing family day!

Let’s step back to last week, when Charlie met with some decision makers at SAI, and she was given the chance to have our boys come for a visit outside:) thank you CEO 😉

So, today that is what happened, unlike the Easter weekend that we went to the property next door, this time around it was officially approved and we met on grounds.

I woke up early and started to prepare our picnic, I had watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, strawberries, tangerines, PB&J, cheese sandwich, all that for the boys, and Charlie really wanted a Ednam Sandwich from The Market at Tiger fuel 🙂

Car packed with cooler, picnic blankets, stroller, diaper bag, camping chairs, two kids and a thought, did I forget anything!? Left towards SAI.

We arrived by 11:15 am, and Charlie was outside, London ran towards mommy and gave her the biggest of hugs.

I slowly made my way with Julien on one hip and the cooler on the other.

We set our stuff down on the only shaded area on the side of the building and we ate, the boys played ball, and flew foam airplanes, at that very moment, a rush feeling of gratitude just embraced me.

I could feel the tears just rolling, that thought of what if, at that very moment didn’t exist, I am beyond happy, I am genuinely grateful for Charlie’s life!

The comfort that knowing that my two boys have their mommy alive and present, brings is of overwhelming joy and happiness!

The most mundane family picnic has the power to provide incredible happiness to us, when everything that you know is taken from you, it makes us appreciate every single good moment that we have.

God knows how much sorrow we endured, but in truth I tell you, I haven’t felt Joy like today in a very long time! And for that I am so grateful to God and his mercy towards Charlie’s life!

Today was special, yes Charlie has seeing the boys twice before today, but today was the 1st time, that Julien stayed in her lap, it was the first time that Julien did not cry when he saw mommy’s chair , it was the first that that Charlie held and loved on him, I can’t even start to describe the love and comfort that she must have felt at that moment, the fear of rejection from her baby, is no longer there, today they become reunited and from now on, there is nothing also more important than our family time together.

I will end today’s journal entry with a phrase that Charlie said and that really had an impression on me.

“Today was a day that almost couldn't have been”.

Have a great night, hold tight your loved ones tonight and feel the joy that comes from Love!

May God Bless You!

PS: I did forget the PB&J 😞


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