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Day 221 | APRIL 19, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 221 of our new and amazing life!

Today was a better day.

Baby Julien decided that he would wake us all up at 3:15am, so I did wake up and decided that I would work on our book, and I was able to write around 4K words from 3:15a until 5am, I did go back to bed around 5a and woke up for good at 6:30a and to my surprise I was very energetic today.

Charlie called in around 8:15am and the boys were just finishing breakfast. London was beyond excited to show mommy his hydroponic lettuce that was ready to be harvested today. I took both boys and harvested 4 heads of lettuce.

I decided to start this hydroponic garden to show London and Julien how we can grow our own vegetables and fruits, and London is obsessed with the garden.

Today, Charlie received the visit of two very funny friends of her, and I volunteered to stay back and let the ladies have fun girls only visit 🙂, I think they are having a blast, because as I wrote these words, Charlie has not called me yet 🙂

But we did talk at Lunch time, and Charlie told me that they are still waiting on the cultures from her wounds, but her doctor is pretty confident that it is a simple case of Staph, and the antibiotics should take care of it.

She had PT and OT today, and despite the incredible pain and bleeding, she managed to do most of her exercises, I just don’t understand how she manages to push through so much pain on a daily basis.

Charlie was excited to tell me that her hair stylist is now coming on Thursday, she is so looking forward to getting her hair done!

I am working hard with a incredible group of professionals to start our house modifications to accommodate Charlie, and hopefully have it ready on time to welcome her back home soon, but with material delays and skyrocketed prices, we have a lot of work ahead of us, I know that God will show us the best way to accomplish what we have to do in order to have Charlie back home!

I took advantage of having some quality time with London after I finished work around 5pm. We went outside and rode bikes, but that was short lived, because the wind and the cold was brutal, so we returned and read some books.

I put London to bed today and he is so sweet, he has such an incredible personality, very much like Charlie, we read Aladdin in English and Little Red Riding Hood in Portuguese (Chapeuzinho Vermelho).

Today was a better day, God does show his mercy to the ones that ask for it.

May God Bless You and Thank you for your prayers!

PS: I just got word that our little friend Max had to receive CPR during his OR trip today, and his graphs sustained substantial damage during the CPR. I kindly asked you to pray for him and his family!


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