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Day 216 | APRIL 14, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 216 of our new and amazing day.

Today was a better day!

Today was a day of few firsts, as I started my day, I was anxious to hear from Charlie, I was hoping that she was feeling better than yesterday, when she called me at 8:37am for our morning call right before London goes to school, I could see that she was doing much better 🙂, Thank you God!

Charlie told me that yesterday was difficult, but she prayed last night and asked God to give her the strength to keep on going, and together with your prayers it worked! Charlie was in better spirits and looking forward to a great day!

I was so grateful to see her feeling better, of course I knew that her pain was not gone, but she chose to return to her positive attitude, and with her mental strength and God’s grace, anything is possible!

I texted Charlie as I was about to leave to see her, and I asked if she wanted me to grab anything, she said no, just come over and we can order something later for dinner.

I arrived at her room around 5:17pm, and I walked into this scene, Charlie in her wheelchair, doing her makeup! This was the first time I saw Charlie in her wheelchair in person! I was amazed!

She looked so beautiful, she looked at me with her big smile and bright eyes and said, I was getting ready to see you 🙂

My heart just melted for a second, and she continued to say, let’s have a date night 🙂

I had no idea what was going to happen, but I was so excited! This was our first “date night “since the accident.

As we left her room, Charlie wanted to show me all of her wonderful driving skills on her chair. I have to say, she is a very skilled driver.

We went downstairs, and Charlie wanted to show me the new outdoor space SAI is opening up this Saturday, and it is incredible, they have different surfaces and textures for folks to train on their wheelchairs, it is almost a training course, but for the untrained eye, looks like a nice outdoor park, that is the beauty of universal design.

We set outside on that bench for about 1 hour, truly enjoying the warm air, the wind and the dark clouds rolling into the distance, I can’t express in words, how amazing it felt to be outside with my beautiful wife, this was the first time we have been outside together since the accident, to say that we appreciate life more is an understatement, life now is like a movie in high definition and on slow motion and with an amazing soundtrack! That is how I felt today, and especially during our date night outside!

We talked about how amazing it is to be here, and to think that Charlie almost didn’t make it alive, that thought instantly floods us with gratitude! We are so grateful for her life! We are so grateful for God’s miracle!

As we are sitting there and enjoying ourselves, Charlie said, make a video, I want to say something to our friends, that is the video you saw earlier today, I now realize that most of you had never heard Charlie’s voice, or seen a video of her! Well today was the first time that Charlie spoke in a video since the accident!

After the video we decided to go back inside and order dinner, we had an amazing meal together and it was THE BEST date night we ever had, and we are so grateful to be at each other's side, Charlie, I love you!

What a blessed day! Thank you so much for your incredible love and support!

Charlie continues to receive the most amazing, handmade cards! And she loves it! Thank you so much!

May God Bless You, good night.


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