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Day 21 | OCTOBER 01, 2021

Good Evening Friends, Today is day 21 of our new life!

Today, I had a busy day it has only been the second day since I am back at my office , up to this point it was impossible to focus on work, now I am slowly getting back into it, my goal is to work few hours in the morning, so I can have the afternoon to be with Charlie.

Today was another good day for my beautiful wife!

She underwent her 17th surgery! And all went well, her Surgeon was very pleased with her healing, and he was also surprised to see how well her neck is healing, so she may not need any skin graft on her neck, that is such good news! He and I got very excited about it! They replaced some allografts and inspected her wounds for any sign of infection, and she is on the clear. Also today, the rep from the lab that makes Epicel , the skin grown lab product that will be used to replace Charlie’s skin, if you have time do Google Epicel and you will see how amazing science can be ! I was told by her doctors, before this product a patient like Charlie could not be saved . Once again, I am thankful for God and Science!

Charlie had a very good day before her surgery that did not started until 4pm , she was able to interact with her nurse , and off course Charlie did ask the nurse to lower her mask, so Charlie would see her face , and Charlie did complemented her , by saying how pretty she was , she is already making friends, she also told the nurse that she was bored today, her doctor said that he can’t remember when a patient of his told him that he/she was bored ! Haha. They don’t know Charlie yet .

The only not so good news tonight is that her Surgeon and the Director of the Burn Unit, said No once again, on my request to bring baby Julien only to see Charlie , he said NO kids . At this point , I have to take a step back and accept that decision, he must have a valid medical reason . ( my first instinct is to ask you to send him letters demanding him to let our babies in to see Charlie ) but I quickly realize that would be a bad idea on my part , please don’t send any letters to the Doctor!

But do keep on sending the cards! Today another stack of 25 have arrived !! Tomorrow I am starting to hang the cards on her wall, I will be reading each one before hanging. Your card will be read to her by me! Every single One !

If I also may ask you to continue to share Charlie’s story and also her GoFundMe page, I am starting to learn more about what insurance may cover or not . I thank you so much for that.

Once again, my heart is filled with gratitude, and I highly recommend, if you can to have the same feeling in your heart and mind , I read today that a “ heart filled with Gratitude is a magnet for Miracles “ , I think We are living proof that Miracles do exist.

Thank you for your kindness, Love and support. Your prayers and good wishes are healing Charlie and giving me strength!

May I ask you tonight, what are you grateful for in your life today?

I will go first, I am grateful for Charlie’s life and her recovery!

May God bless you ,


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On Friday, September 10th, Charlie Anne Xavier was in a horrific and life-changing accident. Though she’s surprising her doctors and nurses daily with her incredible strength and resilience, this road to recovery will be an incredibly long one. 

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