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Day 206 | APRIL 4, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 206 of our new and amazing life.

Charlie and I had busy days, but what a blessed and productive day.

I was on my way to see Charlie when she called and made a special request. She wanted a fruit tart and yellow cake from Wegmans, no problem I said, a quick stop to get her treats and I was at SAI.

When I arrived, Charlie was radiant, she looked so pretty today.

Charlie went on to tell me all about her busy day, she had a day packed with PT, OT and other therapies.

She had two very exciting updates to share, the first was that she now has graduated from her walker progress being measured by steps, now they measure her in distance!! Today she walked 160 feet! She was so excited!!

The second update was that one of her OT, asked Charlie if she liked to cook? Oh! Charlie doesn't like to cook; she LOVES to cook it and she is amazing at it!

You can ask any of her friends, she is an amazing cook!

Yes! Charlie responded, the OT asked her if she had a favorite salad that she made at home, because this week they want to order the ingredients and they will work with her in the kitchen, using modified utensils.

Charlie is beyond excited for the possibility of her being able to cook, I am so excited for her!

I do want to take a moment to thank the PT and OT team at SAI- Sheltering Arms Institute, they are doing an amazing job with Charlie and we are starting to see progress. They are very kind and supportive of Charlie. Thank you, SAI team.

We worked together in creating a detailed to-do list and schedule for our next au pair, yes, we are changing au pair, but this time

around, Charlie is being very active on the interview and on the onboarding process.

We also helped each other with our Biographies for the book, and we have now officially written, edited and approved the first 5 chapters.

We also had a lot of mail today! Wow! Thank you so much for your incredible words of encouragement on your cards. Charlie absolutely loves it when I read her your cards. She now believes me when I told her that she is inspiring so many people, she is feeling your love!

Charlie asked me today if we had reached the goal of 1k subscribers for the blog, and I said let me check, and when I looked, we are at 836 subscribers, can we please ask you to sign up, and if you have already done so, can I ask you to share the blog with your friends, I would love to tell Charlie tomorrow that we have reached our 1k goal! Please and thank you!


We ended our visit by rubbing Charlie’s hair while she fell asleep.

A very funny part of our card reading today was, one of the cards said, “my friend and I were so jealous of the Love and dedication André has towards you! That we were about to fight with our husbands to do the same, until André wrote the “Bad Husband” post 🙂! It burst our bubble! Haha, Charlie and I laughed so hard!

To date, the “Bad Husband “post is my favorite post according to Charlie!

I encourage you to search in the Blog “Bad Husband “and you will see why that is Charlie’s favorite post 🙂.

It was a great day! Thank you, God, for your blessings.

May God Bless You!


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