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Day 205 | APRIL 3, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 205 of our new and amazing life!

Sunday, the day of the Lord, so much to be thankful for.

I went to mass today and it felt good. There is something special about the smell of incense and the choir singing that really speaks to my soul.

After Church I came home and worked on a small home project. I upgraded our front door lock to a smart lock, and Julien stood next to me, just paying attention to every single move I made, the cutest moment ever.

After lunch, I told my mom to go and get some rest and I took the boys to play. We had so much fun.

It felt good to give my mom a break, she needed and deserved.

I am really taking advantage of the one day I don’t visit Charlie to spend quality time with the boys and projects around the house.

Charlie received the visit of two very kind friends and she really enjoyed her girl time and they gave her a very special gift. Several of her mom's friends came together and ordered a very special wig for Charlie. She loved it and felt so cared and loved by her friends.

Tonight, Charlie called in right before bed time, and she was able to read a book to London, it was so sweet and London loved it so much! And of course baby Julien made his appearance in London’s room to Charlie delight, he is just the cutest.

Charlie sent me this beautiful selfie she took today! She just keeps getting more beautiful each day!

Today was a blessed day, and Charlie loved it! And I also really enjoyed your funny stories, thank you so much for sharing them. They really did make us smile, thank you!

Have a good night! May God bless you!


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