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Day 20 | SEPTEMBER 30, 2021

Good evening Friends, today is day 20 of our new life !

I can say with certainty that today was a Good Day!

The best word I can find to describe today is Gratitude!

Today my day was surrounded by acts of kindness towards me. To start I had asked some of Charlie’s mom's friends, if they would help me with the boys , since Vovo got her second Pfizer shot last night and could be under the weather today, well so glad that I did ask for help!

Two very talented moms showed up to decorate our front porch with fall and Halloween decorations. If you know Charlie , you know that she goes all out for every season, holiday or celebration:) It felt so good to see our decorations once again on our porch and I am so thankful for the two of you took time of your day to decorate and to baby sit for a few hours, until I got from the Pediatrician, Julien 9months appointment was today and he is one healthy baby .

Also a huge thank you for a very crafty friend, for babysitting the boys until I got back from the hospital, and wonderful neighbors for picking up London from School and now let me tell you for my best visit yet!!

Charlie was awake when I arrived at the hospital around 4pm, her nurse was detangling her hair, she looked beautiful, she asked me for water, she has been asking for water and an apple since day 3, poor thing, and today I was able to convince the lovely nurse to get me some ice water in a cup, and using a oral sponge I was able to give her a little bit of water and it was priceless to see her face of satisfaction:)

She was in a very good mood, actually she mostly is , and I started by telling her about Julien doctors appointment, she was very pleased with the report, we also talked about my plans for child care in 2022, she approved my idea , it was just so refreshing to be talking like we were back in our living room, just surreal.

I was able to explain to Charlie how much I have changed in these 20 days, and how my love for her has also changed , but in a very positive way, hard to put into words, but I think I could say that my love for her has transcended into a spiritual connection.

I also asked Charlie if she remembered the accident and she said yes, I also asked her if she thought at any time that she could or would die ? Her answer was yes..

I took a second to process that answer, and for a quick second sadness entered my thoughts, I was sad thinking about the fear she must have felt. She further explained saying that she thought she would never see her boys or myself, and at that moment she told herself, I will not die! I can’t die. I am coming home to be with my boys, and she smiled .

I shared with her some of your comments and that made her so happy! She just can’t believe how many people are in this group.

She is also grateful, I ask her why?

Her answer was, to be alive! I know that God has saved my life for a reason, I just don’t know yet!

I asked her if she feels that her heart or mind has changed ?

She said I don’t think so, then I asked do you still feel more joy by giving vs receiving? She said Yes .

I just can’t explain the joy I am feeling today, to be able to clearly have a conversation with my wife, and to start to learn about her perspective, it is just amazing and humbling.

I asked her if she agrees that she is a living miracle, she said, what other explanation do I have ?

Well, tomorrow Charlie returns to the OR for surgery number 16.

As I think about this day and for the first time, I really got a glimpse of hope, the idea of having Charlie home is starting to feel real, I know we are a long way from that, but just to talk with her about it is just amazing!

Today I enjoy this incredible day, and I pray for a good one tomorrow.

A quick update on the cards, they are starting to arrive. I counted 40 today and they will hang in Charlie’s room wall, and if they run out of space they will continue on the hallway:)

You can do it!! Keep sharing Charlie’s story .

Thank you for your love, support and generosity

May God Bless You!


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