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Day 195 | MARCH 24, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 195 of our new and amazing life!

Today was a great day!

I had a very productive morning and after our morning call with Charlie, I started my day!

Charlie woke up and she was feeling so much better!

Her joint pain was almost gone! And she had regained range of motion on her left arm and hand, yesterday she was not able to bring a cup to her mouth, today she was able to do it without any problems!

So, she was very excited and I was also so happy about her incredible progress overnight! And all she did was to start taking the first of her RA meds, an oral anti-inflammatory, and just two pills, did wonders for her joints!

I was so happy that the day flew by for me, so when I was about to leave to see Charlie, she called me and said, honey please bring my two injectable RA meds, you don’t understand how powerful these drugs are! I was beyond excited!

Charlie finally made a decision, she ignored her skin doctor recommendation to stay off her RA meds, because after consulting with a Orthopedic surgeon and her rehab doctor, they both agree that her RA meds would provide an incredible benefit for her mobility that would outweigh any risk, and after I spent hours researching the mechanism of her injectable meds and how they interact with her body, I also agreed that she will benefit greatly by taking her RA meds, I am proud of Charlie for really taking charge of her care, Doctors are great and I am very grateful for all they have done, but no one knows your body and how you react to medication like yourself, don’t ever be afraid to follow your own gut! With the support and knowledge, you can make decisions of your own care.

When I arrived to see Charlie, she had the biggest smile, she was so excited to tell me about her day!

To start, she gained 5 degrees on the range of her right knee!!

And she walked (with assistance) 26 steps!! Her last record was 15!! And that is one day after taking 1 pill of an anti-inflammatory!!

I can’t even express my excitement to hear this amazing progress!!

I am beyond excited to see what will happen, after she takes her injections! They will take a few days to kick in, but I have incredible hope that amazing things will start to happen in terms of her mobility!!

I will be honest, I have been asking Charlie to consider taking her meds for weeks now, and now she finally agreed and I am so happy and proud of her!

We had an incredible visit, we read a few pages of Atlas of the heart, and we enjoyed an episode of a new show called Upload on Amazon prime.

Charlie worked with her hand therapist from 6:30p to 8:30p, shortly after the therapist left, Charlie started to feel very hot, mainly because of her splints on her arms, and got to the point that Charlie overheated 🥵 yes, that can happen with Burn survivors, but today was the first time she went on a full-blown overheating, she was sweating on her face, she felt clammy and nauseous and end up 🤮. luckily, I was there and I had her fan running full blast on her and I had a container to collect her vomit, just as quickly she overheated, she was able to cool off.

It was the first time this happened, and it was a learning experience. Now we know how her body will react when she overheats, she was feeling much better by the time I left for the night.

That is why I am very late today.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

May God Bless you!


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