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Day 191 | MARCH 20, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 191 of our new and amazing life!

Today was a very good day!

I started my day by having breakfast with the boys and my mom.

London and I had some quality time together. We built a cannon and he learned about distance and angles, I love teaching London about science and physics.

After our project, London and I went out to buy our weekly groceries, we went by Sam’s Club, where we had the pleasure to meet one of Charlie’s friend and supporter, she was wearing her Charlie strong shirt 🙂, if you head to our blog, you can still get the shirt there:).

After Lunch, I made my way to see Charlie. I was so excited to see her! The last two days away from her made me really miss her!

When I arrived, Charlie was just starting her shower, and I was able to see her skin, and her wounds are healing very well, she is now getting close to healing most of her body, just amazing to see her progress!

She was so excited to see me as well, we are truly made for each other, it is hard to be apart. We just held in the longest hug; I could feel her love on her hug.

We talked about her family visit, she enjoyed their visit and she asked about my two days and I had a lot to tell her, about our boys and just what happened at our house in the past two days.

Charlie had a big update to share with me, she finally had her consult with the orthopedic surgeon, and he gave her very good information, he confirmed that she will need full knee replacements, he also told her that he has done surgeries with her skin doctor, he does estimate that the sooner he can operate on her, will be 1 year from now, he needs her skin to be healed and matured.

He is confident that he can get some range of motion to Charlie, but not 100% range, more likely 40%, yes, she will not be able to run, but there is hope she can have some limited mobility, but at least we have a better idea of what to expect from this surgery.

Charlie is aware of the surgery outcome, and she is aware of the possible limitations, but she is also confident that for God nothing is impossible, so we will keep praying for the best possible outcome.

We had a great dinner together, we ordered empanadas from an Argentinian restaurant and it was delicious!

It was just a very good visit with Charlie, it is amazing how much I missed her these last two days!

Please continue to pray and thank you for your cards! Charlie is really enjoying them!

She had 15 cards this past week, and she reads every single one 🙂

Thank you and have a good night!


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