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Day 19 | SEPTEMBER 29, 2021

Good Evening Friends, today is day 19 of our new life .

It is hard to believe that 19 days have already passed since the horrific accident that changed our lives forever.

I am more thankful and humbled every day that goes by. Your love and support and kind words are encouraging!

Today was another good day! Thank you God!

Charlie underwent her 15th surgery and all went well, they continue to remove dead tissue and replace the allografts, and her healing is looking very good as of today.

Last night Charlie’s blood pressure dipped a little and they found the reason why, loss of volume, due to the constant trips to the OR, after some fluids and medication she was back to a normal level, this morning she was back to being stable and regulating her pressure and heart rate.

When I arrived at the hospital today around 4pm, Charlie was already back to her ICU room and she was resting, I once again pulled the chair next to her bed and I was thinking about the details of her rescue, I was told that when the first team arrived at the scene, they described it as traumatic and horrific, Charlie was in disbelief , shock and in a lot of pain, but the only thing she asked was for me to be with her and for our boys to be taken care, the moment the team realized that Charlie was conscious it was a signed of relief, they were able to tell her to focus on her breathing and reassure her the ambulance was on its way, according to them Charlie never gave up, she was strong on the face of so much pain ! Her only concern was me and our boys. Charlie was told that a helicopter would be taking her to the hospital, she asked once again to let me know where she was going. They said this call will be with them forever, now the smell of gasoline brings flashbacks of that call. There are so many details to her rescue, and I am forever thankful for the heroic act of the Gordonsville Fire and EMT, they have a huge part in saving Charlie’s life ! When the time is right for me , I want to visit them in person and thank them .

As I am contemplating on the scene of her accident, I could not hold the pain in my heart and soul, just imagining the physical pain she must have felt, the fear of not knowing if she would survive, the worry about me and the boys , I can’t stand the idea of seeing the love of my life in fear , and not being able to be there to console her, Charlie is indeed a example of selfless, Strength and Love, even at the moment of her possible death, she is thinking about us and not herself.

I always loved Charlie from the day we started dating, but now this love is so much deeper and wider, I can’t even express into words the love I have for her and our boys.

This Tragedy has forever changed our lives, but one thing I already know about this new life is that our Love for each other has reached a new level , never possible before , and I am hopeful that out of this love , we will be able to shine some light into the world.

Right before I was leaving Charlie’s room, she opened her eyes and looked at me, I went around her bed and asked her if she wanted to see a video of our boys , she said yes, and as I was showing her several videos and pictures of the boys , for the first time Charlie really cried, she said she really missed her babies and she asked me when they would come to visit her , I did not had the heart to tell her what her doctor had told me, so I said that I was working on it , and tomorrow I would know more , so I don't intended to ask the hospital psychologist for her opinion, it really broke my heart.

Tonight, I kindly ask you to say I love you to the people you love , hug your family tight, each day is a gift.

I am sorry for the late post, today was the first day this week that I was able to be home before 9pm and put the boys to bed

Thank you so much for all your generosity and support!

May God Bless You,


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