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Day 181 | MARCH 10, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 181 of our new and amazing life.

Today was a better day.

I made my way to see Charlie and I arrived at 5pm. Charlie had just finished her wound care and she was in better spirits compared to yesterday. She was excited for the gifts she received today.

Earlier in the morning Charlie video called and I attended the doctor and staff meeting with Charlie, and they answers the many questions that we had, we now know that her knee surgeries will have to wait , at least 1 year, so now we start to look for the best possible temporary solution to alleviate her pain and hopefully some mobility, we also know for sure that Charlie will require to use a wheelchair chair in the beginning, and her legs won’t be able to bend, that is a very difficult reality for Charlie, she wants to be independent and it is a process of acceptance, I am praying for God to comfort her, but her feelings are beyond valid and I am by her side for anything that she needs and she knows that .

The focus now is to reverse her dropped feet, and that will allow her to stand up and pivot into her chair, we now have to review our entire plan to make our house acceptable for her now that we know her legs won’t bend, we will need to make more renovations than initially planned.

We continue to be humbled by the love and support we keep receiving. I am grateful for Charlie’s love and her strength, but I can see that she is fighting an incredible battle inside of her mind, and I can just watch and be there for her, but this fight is entirely hers.

Yes, she continues to receive psychological care and she really likes her therapist.

In regards to changing doctors, we don’t have that option, and Charlie don’t want to do it either, we are very grateful for her doctor, he is a huge part of Charlie survival, she just needs to understand that he is a surgeon and he does not have the same concerns as a non-surgeon doctor, and VCU burn unit, is the ONLY burn center in Virginia certified to do CEA, that is the main reason why she can’t see any other doctor.

Thank you for the amazing cookies sent to Charlie today! She LOVED IT! Her favorites, Coffee and Cookies. :)

More flowers arrived today! Her room smells amazing!! Thank you so much!

You have no idea how special Charlie feels with your tangible support.

May God Bless You!


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