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Day 180 | MARCH 09, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 180 of our new and amazing new life!

Busy day for me today, lots of meetings for work.

Today I made my way to SAI and I was anxious to talk with Charlie and see how her appointment with her Burn Unit Surgeon went, since we had so many questions to ask him.

When I arrived, Charlie was just finishing her wound care, and I could tell that she was upset. I asked her if everything was ok? And she said yes, but I rather talked once we were alone.

Of course, my mind started to run inside of my head wondering who could have made Charlie upset?

After one long hour, we were finally alone , and Charlie went in to tell me that she was upset due to her appointment with her doctor, she said that she had a lot of questions, but the doctor had no answers to almost any of them, Charlie is very concerned about her grafts breakdown, but her doctor didn’t share the same concerns, Charlie asked him about her possible knee surgery, and once again he could not give an answer to her questions, overall it was a very frustrating interaction, and that made Charlie very frustrated and disappointed.

I can’t tell you how upset I was on the inside, I did my best to comfort Charlie, but I did share with her , that this is how my interaction with that doctor had always been, frustration was the main feeling for a long time at the ICU, because of the lack of responses or oversimplification of issues, the difference is that back then, I was the one dealing with him , and I would always be prepared for a good argument, backed by research and medical papers I would study the day/ night before, but this time around, I was not there to speak in Charlie’s behalf, and it causes me pain to see her upset and frustrated.

However, besides the lack of answers, we remain positive and confident that her future is bright, and she will regain her mobility, God will once again, perform a miracle.

The highlight of the visit was two packages that Charlie received in the mail, in addition to the multiple cards that are starting to arrive! Thank you!

Charlie was so appreciative of the beautiful artwork she was gifted today! You absolutely put a smile on Charlie’s face! Thank you! She loved the paintings! Your talent is just beautiful!

She also loved her wonder woman card and earrings; your kindness is so thoughtful.

Today I got to see the power of the cards, and your words of encouragement from Charlie. She was able to become grateful and happy. After a very emotional day, thank you for your kindness towards her.

I will give you a little spoiler about our book, you will not want to miss, my detailed description of my many encounters with her doctors, and the arguments that we had, and how I was able to get them to change their minds more than once, based on pure medical knowledge on my part, it is beyond incredible and I could never post on a open forum like this, but in the book, no detail will be spared.

Please continue to pray for Charlie. She needs strength and patience. Right now we are facing a lot of unknowns and it is not easy to stay away from fear, but we trust in God and we will overcome these difficult moments.

Thank you and May God bless You!


Cookies and Coffe for Charlie

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On Friday, September 10th, Charlie Anne Xavier was in a horrific and life-changing accident. Though she’s surprising her doctors and nurses daily with her incredible strength and resilience, this road to recovery will be an incredibly long one. 

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