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Day 179 | MARCH 08, 2022

Good evening, Friends, today is day 179 of our new and amazing life.

Today was a good day.

I arrived at SAI at 4pm and Charlie was just off the shower, but now they are back to air drying her skin, due to the skin grafts break down, I am praying that her skin continues to heal and she won’t need to return for a touch up, but if she does that is also ok.

Charlie continues to work hard with PT and OT, and she is making friends as usual 🙂

She is so grateful for the beautiful flowers you are sending her, and for the treats!

Thank you, she is truly feeling so loved! And the staff is like, wow, we never see that many gifts and flowers for a patient! Yes, Charlie is loved by so many amazing people! Thank you!

We talked and Charlie expressed some of her feelings, she is feeling frustrated and also a little fearful, today she told me that OT, was showing her a ADA catalog, with modified kitchen utensils, and other adaptations, she confessed that made her feel sad, and worried about the future, she told me that her biggest fear is to become a burden to me!

As she had tears in her eyes, I looked at her very closely and I said, Charlie, the only limitations you will have been the ones you impose on yourself, don’t let anything stop you from achieving anything you want, nothing is impossible to you! You are alive, and that was statistically almost impossible, and you overcame 97%! Chance of dying and you grabbed the 3% chance of survival!

Please don’t ever forget this miracle! God will always give us the strength to overcome anything that comes at us! We are stronger now than the day your accident happened!

She dried out her tears and said, yes! I love you; it is not easy but you are right!

After that intense and emotional conversation, her dinner arrived and was time for some casual TV.

Tomorrow Charlie has an appointment with her Burn Doctor, a lot will be discussed at that appointment. Let's pray for a good outcome in regards to her knees.

I am almost done with the Blog, and I hope to be announcing it here in the next couple days, stay tuned.

Thank you for your prayers and kindness.

May God Bless You!


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