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Day 174 | MARCH 03, 2022

Good Evening Friends, today is day 174 of our new and amazing new life!

In the morning, I worked hard to organize our main floor and master bedroom and bathroom, because I did a 3D scan of our house to show the PT and Doctor at SAI, they will review our proposed modifications plan and approve or make suggestions before we start the modifications in the house, the 3D scan is a great tool, to give the therapists a real sense of the patient current home situation using virtual reality .

After a busy morning, now I have a little more time before I have to depart to see Charlie. My new departure time now is 3pm , instead of 1:30pm.

When I arrived at SAI, Charlie had just finished getting the x-rays done. Tomorrow we will know more about the cause of her joint stiffness, I will ask for your prayers for the best possible result of the tests.

Charlie was in good spirits, she was able to ride in a motorized wheelchair, they use a special adapter and she could keep her legs straightened while seated on the chair, she said it felt like freedom to ride the wheelchair by herself:), she even went outside for a minute, she avoided the sun.

They are starting to work her PT and OT, they are slowly increasing the intensity of her therapy, Charlie said that she really enjoy the staff and she is feeling welcome and cared for 🙂

I am a little anxious today, mainly to know the X-ray and test results about her joints.

Tomorrow, we will know the results.

I am so grateful to see Charlie out of the hospital, and I am so thankful for your continued love, support and prayers.

Charlie received 2 cards today at SAI , she was very excited about it, please keep it coming!

Now, she can read your cards herself, instead of me reading it to her .

Thank you and May God Bless You!


Please send cards to:

Att: Charlie Anne Xavier

Sheltering Arms Institute

2000 Wilkes Ridge Dr, Richmond, VA 23233

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