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Day 17 | SEPTEMBER 27, 2021

Good evening Friends, today is day 17 of our new life .

Today Charlie's surgery was scheduled for 11:45am, so I had plans to go over to the hospital around 4pm, so I decided that would be a good day to try to get back to work by working a few hours and that I did.

I called around 9:30a to get the morning report, they told me she was very stable , no major changes from last night , and her nurse asked Charlie if she was in pain , she said yes, they asked her if she would like more pain meds, she said no. I am yet to ask Charlie the reason why she is refusing pain meds, I have a theory but I want to hear from her mouth. She remained comfortable without the pain med. She never stops to amaze me !

Around 2:35pm , I received a text from Charlie’s phone that said , Hi I am Charlie’s nurse and she would like to know when you will be coming over ? , I said well, around 4p , because she should still be at the OR right ? She said , no she has not been to the OR yet, her surgery was delayed, but Charlie really wants to see you before the surgery, I was a little surprised but sure, I told the nurse that I was leaving home at that moment and I would be at the hospital in 1:20h.

I started to drive and I was thinking, what could Charlie possibly want to tell me ? I even asked the nurse if a video call would be sufficient, she said no. I was beyond curious as I made my way to the hospital.

Once I arrived, the OR team was waiting for me to get here before taking her down to her surgery. I felt increasing pressure, so I put on my gown and gloves and went to see Charlie. She looks at me with her beautiful blue eyes and I read her lips saying, how is London ? Here is the backstory on her question.

Yesterday around 6:00p, I received a video call from my mother as I am in the room with Charlie , the call was a little frenetic as my mom was running after London on our street , London was refusing to come inside to our house after playing outside for hours , so Charlie overheard the call and I had to tell her, I was leaving at that time , since London was not listening and was refusing to come home. Before I left , Charlie looked me in the eyes and asked me to talk calmly with London, she knows me so well.

She said, please talk with London and explain to him why he needs to listen to Vovo . So I had time to cool off and really think about , what I was going to talk about with London, so I come up with the consequences talk, where I asked him his side of the story, I made him realize that what he did was not nice , and how he caused a lot of stress to dad and Vovo and mommy . So it was a very good talk, he apologized and I gave him his consequences, he lost two play dates over the next two days.

Now back to Charlie , she needed to see me in person to ask me about London!! I felt so bad , that I had caused so much worry to her, Charlie is such a incredible mother , that even in her hospital bed, her mind is thinking on the well being of her children, she was pleased to hear my report, and I also made a video of London telling mommy his punishment and saying he was sorry , after answering her questions , she closed her eyes and said , I am now ready for the OR team . Oh Charlie, always think about others before yourself.

I decided to wait at the hospital for her return from the surgery, as I am waiting I receive a call from a local report with Channel 8 in Richmond, asking if I could meet her for an interview, at first I was not sure, but she said she has been following this group and wanted to help to share the word, so I agreed . The story should run tonight at 11pm in Richmond. It is nice to see the media interested in Charlie’s story, but also in this group, the incredible love and support given to us is just unbelievable, and I thank you for being part of this movement, a movement of Love and Kindness. It gives me hope to see the first glimpse of light coming out of our darkness. I am very hopeful that Charlie's story is touching a lot of people’s hearts.

If you are here, I would love to hear what part of Charlie’s story has touched or moved you? What makes you follow her updates ? I would really appreciate it if you could share your point of view with just a few words.

And I know you have been waiting and here is the address to mail the 1k cards and letters, and yes children drawings are welcome and encouraged!

Please mail to :

Att: Charlie Anne Xavier or to Her nursing Team, you choose . Be sure to post the address just like this :


Evans-Haynes Burn Center

Critical Care Hospital, 8th Floor

1213 E. Clay St.

Richmond, VA 23298

I would like to ask if you could mail your Cards/letters between tomorrow and October 4, that way they can all arrive within a week of each other max. I can’t thank you enough for doing this!

It will be a powerful testimony of Love, where friends and strangers from around the country and the world are sending their well wishes in a physical form. Charlie will love it! Thank you!

May God bless you!!


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