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Day 167 | FEBRUARY 24, 2022

Good Evening Friends, today is day 167 of our new and amazing life. What a busy day for me.

I had a meeting with our contractor to officially start the project of making the house modifications to accommodate Charlie needs.

Yes, we have so much to do and not so much time , if Charlie keeps the pace she is at , she could be home in 4 or 5 weeks!

Yes, I am beyond nervous that we will have the changes done before she gets home , but we have incredible generous contractors and a very generous interior designer that specializes in universal design helping us with this unique modifications, once I have their permission I will name them here so you can also thank them for their help to us.

Today Charlie asked me to bring her dinner from Olive Garden, she was craving it 🙂

When I arrived she had just finished her PT and she made great progress, she was able to stand up using a machine and her pain is less now compared to yesterday, she is very determined to work very hard at her rehabilitation, and I have no doubt that she will achieve anything that she puts her mind into it.

Charlie was in great spirits today, she shared with me a visit that she received from a burn survivor that is a volunteer from the Phoenix Society, and the visit made Charlie realize how grateful she is to have found God’s light in the mist of the darkness of her accident, the volunteer shared with her that he was in darkness for over 35 years, before he accepted his challenge and his accident happened when he was 26 and he only found God’s light at the age of 55! He told Charlie that her story is just beyond amazing and he also shared with Charlie that he also converted and became Catholic, they both shared this beautiful connection with God.

Charlie is grateful not only to be alive , but to have made the choice to be strong and turn to God and trust his mercy.

We talked about the modifications, I want to make sure we have everything that Charlie needs for her once she comes home.

We had an amazing dinner together, we shared a great meal from Olive Garden, we had Alexa play mellow folk station, it was almost a semi- romantic dinner 🙂

I pray that tomorrow she has another blessed and beautiful day.

Charlie continues to inspire me with her strength and grace.

I wish you a Good Night.

May God Bless You


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