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Day 160 | FEBRUARY 17, 2022

Good Evening Friends, today is day 160 of our new and amazing life !

Today I arrived at the hospital around 3pm, and Charlie had just fine her PT session and it was a hard one , she worked so hard and the pain was so intense that she had tears in her eyes when I arrived , I did what I thought she needed the most, she was seated on her chair, and I went behind it and started to rub her head, i just wanted her to feel loved and supported at that moment.

She was so grateful for this gesture, I could see that she was too overwhelmed to talk, and she thanked me for being aware and giving her a comforting gesture without saying a word.

I would say that one of the biggest changes I have experienced so far on this journey is the gift of being aware! I am very grateful for it .

Today we had one of the most inspiring conversation, Charlie and I talked about her special gift, her ability to be “easy to talk to”, how she is able to inspire trust and strangers will just open up to her , their deepest feelings, not too many people know that about Charlie, but if you ask any of her friends they will be able to tell you just how amazing it is to talk with Charlie, I won’t be able to share all the content of the conversation since we will use most of it on the book, but we manage to have a better understanding how this gift came out and how now this gift will be evolved in a incredible scale, since her story will touch so many hearts, all that I will say is, everyday I am more in love with Charlie, her mind and soul is the most amazing and inspiring thing I ever witness, I am so blessed to be her husband.

We talked for most of our visit, and I am just so excited about the changes we are both experiencing. Charlie is improving her understanding of her own mind and we both are really becoming aware of our feelings and emotions like never before .

Next week Charlie will be moving rooms , so her new room will have a shower in it 🙂

Yesterday I was listening to the Podcast Finding Mastery and the interview with Doug Abrams is just fantastic, one of his stories was a conversation he had with Archbishop Desmond TuTu , when he was writing the Book of Joy with the Dalai Lama, he was talking about Suffering, he said :

“ Suffering can embitter or ennoble us, The difference is if we can find meaning in our suffering, It can ennoble us and become a spirituality of transformation when we find meaning in it, and it can make us bitter if we decide to find blame and decide that life is meaningless because of the suffering, a example of ennobling is when, we decide to use our suffering into a way to help others, when we do that, we will develop Compassion, Gratitude and Generosity”

Today was a good day!

May God Bless You !


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Cheering on Charlie. 

On Friday, September 10th, Charlie Anne Xavier was in a horrific and life-changing accident. Though she’s surprising her doctors and nurses daily with her incredible strength and resilience, this road to recovery will be an incredibly long one. 

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