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Day 16 | SEPTEMBER 26, 2021

Good Evening Friends, Day 16 of our new life .

Ah Sundays! The end of the weekend is also the day that most of us go to church and also enjoy quality time with our families, friends and loved ones.

That is what I did today, after breakfast London and I went to attend Mass at our local Parish, Holy Comforter Catholic Church, in case you didn’t know , Charlie became Catholic almost 6 years ago, I was born and raised Catholic since I am originally from Brazil, and Charlie decided to Join my faith, she really feel in love with the Catholic Church history as she is now a much better Catholic than I ever was! She is the reason why we go to church every Sunday.

Normally after Mass we as a family would go for brunch on the downtown mall , which is 1 block from Holly Comforter. Charlottesville has this adorable pedestrian mall, where several incredible restaurants are located , so we are very fortunate to have a lot of options to choose from.

Brunch is probably Charlie’s favorite meal , she loves French Toasts, Pastries, Bacon and the list goes on and on, and let’s not forget a mimosa.

As you can imagine, to attend mass without her it’s just not the same, however being at church did bring me a sense of comfort, the choir at our church sings beautiful hymns, that really speaks to the soul, and to be in the presence of God it is just so powerful, I was able to Thank him and also ask for more miracles .

After church, I dropped London back at home and went straight to the hospital. I didn’t want to lose any more time away from my beautiful wife. Once I arrive at the hospital, Charlie was resting and out of the ventilator and breathing 😮‍💨 on her own, I asked when that happened and I was told that the doctors want her off for 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening, so she can breath on her own, but also give some rest to her lungs, she is really getting better from her pneumonia.

Charlie is back on the stable category, she is off most of the meds and able to regulate her blood pressure and heart rate on her own.

Her hands now have a special kind of synthetic mesh on top of it, and the doctor believes that she may be able to heal her own hands without the need of a skin graft! This is very exciting news! If he is right, she may be able to have very good use of her hands! I really pray that is the case !

Tomorrow, she starts her marathon of visits to the OR. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are scheduled for her daily surgeries , please keep her in your prayers during those surgeries.

Charlie is a fighter! She was awake for part of our visit, where she asked me to confirm if yesterday I really did tell her that her ICU stay would be 6 months to 1 year! And I did confirm. She also told me she really wants to hold her babies, I told her that I would work on that , so tomorrow I am talking with Dr . Feldman and asking him when we can make this visit happen:) She needs her boys. She loved today’s Videos.

As I finish today’s report, I would like to take a moment to say Thank you! I was not expecting the incredible response from this group , on how many people are praying for us, from all over the US and the world! Wow!! It is beyond humbling to know that Charlie’s story is touching so many people.

Here is the second part of my request from yesterday , now that we know we have amazing people form all over the world, how cool would be to send Charlie well wishes letter or cards, she can’t have them inside of her room as of yet due to the risk of infection, but my idea is, if we can send 1k cards/letters the hospital will have to display all those on the hallways of the burn unit! Are you guys up to this challenge? So far we have received 495 comments telling us where is home for you, but I know we have over 3k members.

Here is my ask, would you please send Charlie a get well card or letter?

Let me know and if it is yes and tomorrow I will post the address of her unit to where send the cards.

Thank you for your continued generosity, Love and support!

May God Bless you !


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