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Day 156 | FEBRUARY 13, 2022

Good Evening Friends, today is day 156 of our new and amazing life !

Today was a good day!

Sunday is truly the family day 🙂

I woke up as usual with London by my face , and I decided that I was going to have some quality time with him !

After breakfast we went down to his playroom and we spend the next 1 hour immersed on this fascinating STEAM activity, we had to build a hydraulic lift, I put my phone aside and fully become present with him at that moment, he was so excited to be part of this project, at every step, I enlisted his help and he felt involved as w e build the lift, we talked about the principles of hydraulics, and he got to see it working in real life in the lift! To see his eyes shining with excitement and to actually see his brain absorbing his new knowledge, it was priceless!

I am so grateful for my time with him today. The biggest gift of becoming a parent is the responsibility and opportunity to be the guide and teacher to your child, and we can only achieve that by being present at each moment with our kids.

Life is so busy that many times ( I am guilt as well), we are just too busy to even pay attention to our kids, when all they want is 10 minutes of our undivided attention, time is so precious, and you can’t go back in it, please take a moment to be present with your child or loved one , you will absolutely notice the difference you will feel when you have purpose on your decision to be present.

Today my visit with Charlie was incredibly productive. I had an incredible discussion about her Hyper-metabolic state and how that would affect her brain and how her diet will be very important once she comes home.

We also spend some time talking about the boys Easter Basket, Charlie wants to make sure we have everything in order for their baskets:)

Overall a very blessed Sunday!

May God Bless You .


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