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Day 154 | FEBRUARY 11, 2022

Good Evening Friends, today is day 154 of our new and amazing life!

Today I woke up early ! Baby Julien was my alarm clock:) I was up by 4:00am.

The day started with some really big news, sadly not good news 😞

I received the final decision from the rehabilitation facility in regards to the visitation from our boys.

Sadly, they will not be allowed to visit Charlie during her stay, this is incredibly hard to accept or understand.

When I arrived at the hospital, Charlie was finishing her PT therapy, she was starving, her lunch didn’t arrive until 2:30pm!!

After she finished her meal, I started our conversation and shared with her the bad news, I was very nervous about how she would react.

I had also worked on 3 different responses to their decision, and I shared it with her .

Charlie listened to my explanation of their decision to not allow the kids to visit her, once I finished to my absolute surprise Charlie said , it is ok.

She did not seem upset, she just said , I will do my best to get out of there as soon as possible so I can be reunited with my boys!

I was so impressed by her acceptance in face of such horrific news!

This mother has not touched, loved , smelled her kids, a 5 year old and a 13 months old baby , in over 5 months !!

She didn’t have a chance to say goodbye when she left early in the morning on the day of the accident!

Now she will have to endure God knows how many more days without being able to touch her kids ! I have no way to explain how this is possibly fair !

Charlie has experienced unimaginable pain from her burns, and now the unbearable pain that only a mother can experience of being kept away from your own kids , is being further pushed on her , and for her to accept it with such grace , it is beyond humbling and inspiring to me .I was ready to fight their decision with every possible resource, lawy

ers, media, senators help, but Charlie didn’t want to even hear my revenge plans, she reprimanded me for entertaining such ideas !

Today I learned a big lesson from Charlie, and the lesson is how to endure pain and suffering with Grace. She said, I am not special and we are not the kind of people that make anyone look bad.

I have learned to become humble during this journey, but today I absolutely learned once again the lesson in humility from my beautiful and amazing wife !

I am just in awe of her response! How can she be so grateful in the face of more suffering?!

Charlie , I love you more and more each day! But today, you Inspired me !

How blessed I am to be at your side !

I brought Charlie some gifts from her friends, they put together this thoughtful basket with all her favorite treats, like her favorite princess cake , Dr.Pepper , Samoas GS cookies, and even a non alcoholic Beer:) Thank you so much !!

We ended our visit by listening to a Brene Brown podcast and watching some tv, nothing too special.

Charlie was in an incredible state of mind today , I am so proud of her.

Well my friends, a day that could have turned into a sad, angry filled day, but Charlie’s strength and Grace turned the day into a grateful one !

I am thankful for God’s grace blessing Charlie with strength and wisdom.

May God Bless You .


I will add this :

We offered to meet outside, once a week after a COVID test was done on the boys , they said No.

They offered window and zoom visits. ( not the same as in person ) how will I explain it to London?

Thank you for your love , we have accepted and God will provide strength and comfort to her.

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