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Day 153 | FEBRUARY 10, 2022

Good Evening Friends, today is day 153 of our new and amazing life !

Today I started my day a little sad, yes it does break my heart to think about the suffering that Charlie is enduring physically and now mentally.

It is no surprise, Charlie and I had talked about the concept of how difficult each phase of her recovery will be , The hospital stay, a very difficult phase, where she literally had to fight for her life , on this phase she had the direct hand of God and your prayers helping her , the next phase the Rehabilitation, it will be more difficult than the hospital phase, since now she has to actively overcome unbelievable pain and frustration on her own, a huge mental strength test, and finally the coming home phase, in my opinion one of the most difficult phases, she will have to face her new life and new body face on !

This is the phase of the mind warfare, she will have to face her biggest mental fight of her life !

I also told her that I am going to be at her side at every single step , loving her, supporting her, praying for her , encouraging her , I know, that will not be easy, I know that it is going to be so painful but I also know that God will give us all the strength needed.

I still have days where I wonder how could this horrific accident happened to her, but I am quickly to remind myself that I can’t change the past and there is no reason to even think about it, her healing will take a long time , and my own mental healing will take even longer , because I know , I won’t heal until she is in her happy place , we both have a incredible journey ahead of us !

I am a little sad today, but I am very aware of our blessings and how far we have come and I will return to my grateful state, but today I am allowing this old friend sadness in my mind and heart and I have told her that tomorrow at 7:30am , she has to be gone !

I am also taking advantage of the sadness to make great progress on our book. It is amazing how inspiring sadness can be for a writer , it is just amazing!

When I arrived at the hospital, Charlie was just starting her PT session. She had a late start today, since last night she couldn’t sleep:( Her air drying did not start until 9:30am instead of her usual 5:30am. She wanted a little time to rest this morning.

I got her some treats to see if they would cheer her up. I brought her watermelon, pretzel M&Ms and her favorite coffee drink from La colomba .

Charlie was very tired today, she didn’t sleep at all last night, so she was trying to catch up with her sleep all day, and it did affect her PT session, and also affected her moving into her chair.

I was able to gently point out to Charlie how her thoughts and feelings have a real impact on her day. She said that she will try to return to a positive and grateful mindset, I know it won’t be easy, but I am confident that she can do it.

We listened to a Podcast with a Brene Brown and President Obama, it was great and his voice made Charlie sleep so deep 🙂

Charlie woke up after a great 2 hour nap.

When she woke up , I could see that she was doing better, she is aware that being sad is ok, but it can’t last too long, so she is committed to have a better day tomorrow, we both shared the top 3 things that we are grateful for today , and I know that tomorrow will be back on the positive side of her feelings.

I am already starting to feel less sad, so tomorrow will be a better day!

Thank you for your prayers and support.

May God Bless You !


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