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Day 15 | SEPTEMBER 25, 2021

Good Evening Friends, Day 15 of our new life.

What a relief it was to go to bed last night knowing that my beautiful wife was stable, I always call the burn unit at 11pm to get an evening update.

Today I decided that we would try to splurge and sleep in until 8am, luckily Baby Julien woke up at 4am for a feeding, so he was able to stay in bed until 8am, vs the usual 6:50am.

After getting a little more sleep, I decided to take Our son London to get a haircut and also to get one myself , Charlie had asked me to get a haircut 3 days ago, before the accident, this was one of our son and dad experience that we went every 15 days to get a haircut, it was a nice feeling to experience a little bit of father and son time .

After the haircut, we came home for lunch , and I left to the hospital around 2:15pm, I took advantage of my driving time, to record a audio telling Charlie what changes I have experienced since the accident, and I was shocked to hear out loud what those changes where and I can say without a shadow of doubt that I am a better person today than I was 15 days ago! ( I am doing a Voice journal for Charlie ) I also spoke about the initial ideas I have of what our new life could be, but all that is way down the road and will all depend on what Charlie decides what she wants to do. But it does give me hope to think about a future with my family.

Charlie was resting when I arrived at her room, she looked beautiful and peaceful. She is back on the ventilator, due to the fact she has pneumonia! This was the infection that was causing all her symptoms and made the docs concerned about a septic shock, but thank God she is responding well to the antibiotics and remains in a stable condition.

Charlie is a fighter, her doctor told me she did very well during her wound care routine ( a very painful process where they change her bandages and scrub her wounds with a special antibacterial soap, just imagine the pain) , he said, Charlie is truly amazing she did not complain at all during the entire procedure, she was receiving a small amount of sedation due to the fact she is on a ventilator, but she remains awake and aware .

I was able to talk with her ( when I say talk, I talk and I read her lips) , she asked about our boys , I showed her videos and pictures of this morning, she smiled and a small tear rolled on her left eye , she told me how much she misses the boys, I also had tears on my eyes when she said that. She also asked me how long she would be at the hospital. I hesitated for a second, unsure what to tell her, I looked at her and I said, Love , you know that you have 85% of your body burned in the 3rd degree right ? She said yes, I went on and said, the length of your stay will depend on your body healing, it can be 6 months, it can also be 1 year. At that moment for the first time , I could tell that she got sad, I felt bad to have to tell her , but I also know she wants to know the truth. It was the first time she asked about how long she would stay at the hospital.

After that exchange, she went back to sleep.

I turned on the music and just looked at her as usual. I spent about 1 hour just contemplating the idea of Charlie starting at the hospital for up to 1 year. How much will she miss our boys, our family and her friends. That was a very sad thought, so I decided to step outside and chat with the nurses at their station.

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Cheering on Charlie. 

On Friday, September 10th, Charlie Anne Xavier was in a horrific and life-changing accident. Though she’s surprising her doctors and nurses daily with her incredible strength and resilience, this road to recovery will be an incredibly long one. 

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