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Day 148 | FEBRUARY 05, 2022

Good Evening Friends, today is day 148 of our new and amazing life !

Today was a very good day !

Saturday is continuing to be a great day with the boys !

This morning we had breakfast together and after the boys had a playdate.

I made my way to the hospital today at 1pm and When I arrived there , one of her surgeons was just leaving her room. I asked him , are you about to start the decannulation or is it already done ?

He said it is done and had a huge smile on his face, he went on to tell me that Charlie will experience a sore throat for about 2 days, and he also said that average patients will heal the opening in 7 days, and we both looked at each other and almost at the same time we said, well Charlie is not average 🙂 , he went on to say, I think she may heal in 5 days ! I agreed .

Charlie was so happy to be free of her trachea collar !

Now she has this big bandage on her neck, and in order for her to talk she needs to place her hand in her trachea to minimize the air loss and be able to talk, she is doing great and is talking just like before ! It is a day of gratitude!

Today I was so happy to see this big step towards her discharge done , but I must confess that I have dreamed and imagined this moment for a long time , and in my mind it would be a beyond incredible moment, and don’t get me wrong it was a very happy day, however I noticed that the expectation and what we imagined was so much bigger than the actual event , and I was thinking how in our life’s a lot of times, we enjoy the anticipation more than the moment itself or planning a trip can bring more joy than the trip , and on the flip side, we may cause incredible suffering by creating unrealistic expectations or fears and experiencing frustration when we don’t get what we imagined or sometimes there is not even a reason to have fear, but we created that suffering ourselves for no reason .

Charlie wanted to talk less today since her throat was hurting. We watched some TV, but we also listened to a podcast with John O’Leary and he has a very inspiring story as well. He is a burn survivor that was burned at 5 years old , We both enjoyed the podcast.

Today was a blessed day, and once again I am so grateful for God’s grace and his love towards Charlie’s healing.

I am so grateful for this new life. I know we are just starting, but I can absolutely see how amazing it is going to be, and we are making a conscious decision to have meaning in our decisions.

As I write the first few paragraphs of our book, I am reliving the early days of the accident, and it is so incredibly humbling to see how far we have come !

It reinforces our gratitude towards God’s miracle !

Thank you and May God Bless You!


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