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Day 145 | FEBRUARY 02, 2022

Good Evening Friends, today is day 145 of our new life !

I apologize for my late post, I had a wonderful time at the hospital today and decided to stay late with Charlie .

Today I had a blessed and successful day at work, a very productive day!

I made my way to the hospital and got there at 3pm. I had a very good meeting with a family member of a burn survivor. It is so humbling to be able to share stories.

I went up to see Charlie and got to her room around 5pm , so a little later than usual .

Charlie was seated in her chair, and she was in a very good mood, thank God her pain had improved and she was feeling better. Thank you for your prayers.

We had a very good time today and we talked about her day. She did have a PT session and she was able to sit on the edge of the bed , but just for a short period of time.

After that she was placed on her chair , and since it is the first day of PT they took it easy in her 🙂

We talked about the book. Since I have started the first chapter, I was asking for her feedback, and it was great to see her point of view.

Today our conversation had a guest , Charlie’s nurse , one of the two male nurses, was in the room when we started to talk, and very naturally we started to ask him questions, and he was so kind to share with us his perspectives , he also shared his opinion on Charlie's case, he has been a nurse at the Burn ICU for over 12 years, and he told us that he never ever, saw a patient with large burns like Charlie be discharged so fast!

He also shared that he truly believes that Charlie’s survival is a miracle, he does not understand how she never got a severe infection, or experienced any organ failure, and what really shocks him is Charlie's ability to withstand pain, he just never saw anything like this. Up to this day, can’t explain how she can fall asleep during wound care !

It was incredible to hear his testimony. We talked about how sadly most of the burn victims have a very difficult time ,overcoming the fear, anger and sorrow of their trauma .

He said, Charlie is one of very few guests that are not angry at God while in the hospital.

He is very inspired by Charlie’s positive attitude, he said that it is amazing to see a positive outcome.

So, for the first time we had someone also as part of our conversation, and I must say it was great! Time flew by, we just realized when the Evening nurse arrived , it was 7:45pm, his shift had ended at 7pm 🙂, we started to talk at 6pm

Well, it was a very good day, for the first time I felt like our story had a real positive impact on the two people that we shared it with today in person .

Normally, I only talk about Charlie’s story here or in an interview, but I must say it felt great to share in person , maybe I can see a in person sometime in the future.

One thing that Charlie and I agreed today is that we will share her miraculous story to as many people as possible! We now know how much her story can inspire.

May God Bless You .


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On Friday, September 10th, Charlie Anne Xavier was in a horrific and life-changing accident. Though she’s surprising her doctors and nurses daily with her incredible strength and resilience, this road to recovery will be an incredibly long one. 

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