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Day 144 | FEBRUARY 01, 2022

Good Evening Friends, today is day 144 of our new and amazing life.

Today was a very good day!

Today I received a call from the hospital around 7:20am, to inform me that they had an opening and they would be taking Charlie to the OR at 7:30a instead of the 1pm originally scheduled.

That was the first set of good news , since an early OR visit means that she would be done around Noon and able to eat lunch, instead of being unable to eat all day if she had gone at 1pm. So around 11:50a Charlie’s Doctor called me for the very anticipated update.

He started by telling me that the procedure went well, and that he estimated a 50% take on the arms and a 80% take in her legs, when he said that I started to get a little apprehensive to what he would say next , but to my delight he said, her skin is looking great, and I am happy to let you know that we are done with the skin grafts surgeries 🙂 !!! That was the best news ever, I was so excited and happy to hear his words.

I went ahead and asked if he would confirm that she would be discharged into rehabilitation in the next 30 days, to which he confirmed and started to tell me about his plan.

There will be a lot happening in the next 30 days, starting tomorrow , they will start a intense PT /OT program with her off the bed , he has removed her Arterial line , he plans to remove her central line and have all her meds via oral in the next few days, and her tracheae collar should be removed in the next week or so and in two weeks they will start to simplify her wound care.

I am beyond happy and very grateful for this incredible news ! We have dreamed about this moment and prayed for it to happen.

Now, we start to really get ready for the next phase of this Journey. The rehabilitation will be beyond hard and the pain will be incredible as well, I continue to ask for your prayers. Charlie will need incredible strength to overcome the challenge of re learning how to do everything! And I also pray for Charlie to be able to walk again, we still don’t know if that will be possible.

God has performed an incredible miracle by saving Charlie’s life and her recovery in the hospital, now we will ask him once again, to perform another miracle in restoring Charlie’s mobility.

I am so grateful for your love , support and Prayers!

May God Bless you !


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