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Day 141 | JANUARY 29, 2022

Good Evening Friends, today is day 141 of our new and amazing life!

I have started a little routine on Saturdays with the boys , London always wakes up around 7am, so he comes over Our master bedroom and since the accident, Saturday morning is cartoon time on our bed 🙂

Today London asked to watch Ron’s Go Wrong on Disney +, and it was actually very interesting, but I got to notice how my kids' generation are being born into an incredible time in history , where we actually have Robots in our house!!

After a peek into the future, it was time for breakfast and today we had a sweet moment that I really enjoyed with London .

He asked me, dad is today a school day ? I said , no buddy it is Saturday to which he replied, why is it called Saturday?

London is a very curious kid, and he loves to ask questions. I am so thankful that he is this way, because curiosity is the pathway to intelligence.

I responded very quickly, since I was making my breakfast, and said well because that is what it is called ! And as I said the last word, I realized, almost as if a slow motion button was pushed and I instantly realized that his question was a perfect moment to be had .

I followed it, well actually there is a reason why it is called Saturday ! I went over and got very close to his face and said, London , I love when you ask questions, because by asking you will become very smart, he had the biggest smile on his little face, and I said , do not stop asking questions, no matter how old you are , we can always learn something new .

I went ahead and said, let’s ask Alexa why Saturday is called Saturday, he was so excited to ask Alexa, since he had just watched a robot movie, it seems just natural to ask this other robot for an answer, and that she did, she told us how the Romans names the days of the week based in the Sun, Moon and Roman Gods, I am so grateful to be present for this little moments, they will become incredible memories as my boys grow up.

The old me would have stopped at the “ Because that is called “ and would have missed this incredible moment with my son.

I now know that our life is made of moments.

Today was a good day, even baby Julien went outside to play in the snow for a bit, his first time on the snow 🙂, it was so adorable.

After this fun morning, and after Lunch I made my way to the hospital, I was so happy to be going, since I was not sure that would be possible due to the weather .

When I arrived Charlie was in good spirits and happy to see me.

She had a good day, the daily full body care is getting tiring for her , she is really looking forward to her discharge and starting at the Rehabilitation.

We talked about the book today in depth, we talked about the outline and so many details that writing a book entails.

Charlie is very excited about the book, and she will be an incredible co author by adding her perspective of her own miraculous story.

I am very grateful for the early interest on our book, as soon as I have the book manuscript sample and the book cover and Title , we will start a pre sale, so stay tuned, We will have an exclusive pre sale for this group, We are brainstorming some ideas to make it special for you guys, as a thank you for following Charlie’s story from day 1.

After the book talk, we went on to talk about the boys and she was so happy to see the pictures and videos of them playing on the snow.

Charlie is making great progress, her doctor has indicated that soon, he will move her to a room that has a bathroom, so a non ICU room 🙂, we don’t have a date yet, but I have a feeling that a lot of good things will start to happen after Tuesday, when they will decide if she is done with her surgeries, let’s all pray for Tuesday OR visit.

Charlie is becoming aware of how far her story has reached , up to now, she had not seen any news story, or Facebook group, she was so grateful and she felt so loved for all the support!

It is absolutely amazing how much love and support we have received, we are so grateful!

As we start to make big changes on our life’s, it is clear to us how much support Charlie has and how much it has helped her on her recovery, but the one day she is looking forward is for the day that she will hug and hold her babies in her arms, we are praying for this day to come sooner than later.

Charlie does not talk room much about how much she misses them, but I can only imagine the ache inside of her heart, can you imagine, not been able to touch, smell, hold your children, Julien was 10 months when mommy didn’t come home that evening, London was 4, now London is 5 and Julien is almost 14 months old !

She is so grateful to be alive because she knows that she will be home one day with the boys , but it still hurts to be away for so long !

Please pray for God to comfort Charlie’s heart, because I know she is suffering there.

Also please pray for God to give me inspiration to write this book with an open heart.

May God Bless You.


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