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Day 140 | JANUARY 28, 2022

Good Evening Friends, today is day 140 of our new amazing life!

Today was a challenging but yet a good day!

I made my way to the hospital after a busy and good day with work.

I arrived at the hospital around 3pm and Charlie was talking with two nurses, it is becoming a thing now for the nurses to come to talk with Charlie and off course Charlie is becoming their best friend, with amazing advice for any kind of need 😉

I am serious when I say that this entire week our visit has consisted of amazing conversations, no TV was watched this week.

Shortly after my arrival, Charlie had to make two calls, one to her insurance and one to her attorney, and I have to say that for the second time since the accident happened, I was angry!

We received not so good news from the attorney, and we were both so disappointed, but a few minutes after the call we both almost at the same time , looked at each other and said, wait!

We can’t be mad! We have so much to be grateful for ! And Charlie said to me, remember to be grateful for what we have , not for what we want !

That was so powerful, that we both wiped our tears and started to smile, we now have managed to control our negative feelings!

We are not scared or trying to avoid them, but we can control how long they last and today it was 20 minutes! I am so proud of Charlie and myself. We are starting to see how powerful our minds are when we take the time to be aware and be open about helping each other to stay in the gratitude state.

I am so impressed with the person that Charlie is becoming, she was amazing before the accident, now she continues to be amazing and now , wise!

She is one amazing human being! I am so blessed to be at her side!

Yes, we all have down moments and it is ok, as long we pick ourselves up and keep on going.

I also apologize to the attorney for my behavior towards him in the call, it is important to me to recognize and apologize when I overstep the boundaries of kindness. I do not want my boys to see me angry, and I need for them to know that it is ok to apologize.

Today, I am humbled by my own weakness, and I am able to identify that what caused my issues today was my expectation! I did not get what I expected!

I learned a valuable lesson today and that was, try to keep my expectations to the lowest possible degree, that way I minimize my risk of being disappointed and angry.

Thank you Charlie for pointing that out.

On some exciting news, next Tuesday Charlie will go to the OR for her doctors to remove the veil of her CEA grafts , and at that time, they will be able to know for sure if she will require any more surgeries, please let’s pray for no more surgeries!

I am officially starting to write our book, Charlie will take part in it as well, please stay tuned, it will take few months but I am going to pour my heart and soul into making this book, a incredible story capable of inspiring millions of people, I will count on this group for your support when we publish the book sometime in the fall.

I am grateful for each one of you that wrote your testimony about how much closer you are to God after learning about Charlie's miracle! It took courage to be vulnerable!

Thank you, May God Bless You!


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