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Day 139 | JANUARY 27, 2022

Good Evening Friends, today is 139 of our new and amazing new life !

Today we had a very good day!

I arrived at the hospital around 3:30pm today. Charlie was very excited for me to arrive, she had an early start today , she woke up very early, around 3am ! And her nurse asked if she wanted to start her air drying at 3:30am, because of this early start she was a little tired when I got there , after a quick chat, I offered to set outside so she could take a Power Nap, she agreed and I was outside for about 45 minutes talking with the nurses, I found myself giving tax advice to those very smart and big earners ladies 😉

It is amazing to see how close we have become since Charlie arrived at the burn unit, we have indeed become like family. I am so grateful for their love and dedication towards Charlie .

So, after her nap Charlie was refreshed, I took my seat on her recliner and facing her we started one of the most inspiring conversations I ever had with Charlie.

For the last two days we have started a new series of conversations where the number one rule is to be vulnerable and honest.

Today we talked about our new life. I explained to Charlie the way I am looking at our new life, first I told her , the life we had and pointed to a picture on the wall with the 4 of us in front of our church for Easter service, that beautiful life is gone!

It was burned with you on the fire, and at that very moment we were given this new life ! A true second chance and now we have the amazing opportunity to be the creators of this life and we can now choose how we want to leave our second chance!

We decided that we will both embrace vulnerability, we no longer have to pretend or try to please or live up to anyone's expectations besides our own, we will love and embrace ourselves as we are, we will practice vulnerability daily and we know this is the road to gratitude! Yes, you must become vulnerable in order to become grateful, and experience true gratitude.

You may wonder why ? The reason why Vulnerability is the way to Gratitude is because you must genuinely be free of all fear and anxiety, when you become free you will love yourself, and by loving yourself as you , you will arrive at Gratitude!

Charlie is at the right mindset, she is choosing to become vulnerable and I am beyond inspired by her incredible wisdom and positive thoughts that she is sharing with me on our daily talks, we have been married for 14 years and we never had such conversations, where we are truly vulnerable and sharing our deepest feelings and thoughts to each other without any fear!

To say that we are feeling liberated is an understatement, the conversation just flows, we have been averaging 4 to 5 hours of just pure and honest conversations, we are creating the blueprint of our new and amazing life !

I am so happy to learn how excited Charlie is for our future! She already knows what she wants and how she will get there ! We know the struggles and hardships ahead , but we are not fearful, we are excited for the challenge.

A lot of the content of our incredible conversations, I am keeping to our book, because they are beyond amazing to see what Charlie has to say ! ( stay tuned 😉

I would like to invite every single one of you to embark on this journey with us, a journey to become vulnerable. I promise you that you will find freedom and you will become strong and eventually grateful!

You don’t need to wait any longer , now is a great time to become vulnerable. Please ask me any questions you may have on how to become vulnerable, I would love to help you !

Also, Charlie asked me to ask you this question:

How many of you have become closer to God, started a relationship with God or reignited your relationship with God.

Charlie would like to know , because she said if 1 person becomes close to God by reading her story, she would be very happy and would be inclined to share her story far and wide .

Please let us know in the comments your answer, Charlie will be reading them tonight.

We have renewed our faith in God, and we are so grateful for his miracle of saving Charlie’s life!

Thank you and May God bless You!


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