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Day 134 | JANUARY 22, 2022

Good Evening Friends, today is day 134 of our new and amazing life!

Today was a beautiful day .

As usual on Saturday I spent my mornings with my beautiful boys. Seeing London interacting with Baby Julien is just the sweetest thing, we had breakfast together and after London wanted to watch Ratatouille:)

After breakfast I went to the DMV to get some paperwork done, and I was so happy to be in and out within 1 hour! I guess Saturday at 10am is the right time to go, since they close at noon, they have a reason to be efficient:)

I went back to our house, picked London up and took him for a haircut, it had been a month since his last cut, we normally go every 2 weeks. London loves to get a haircut, and today he asked if his hair could be washed! I wish you could see his face of enjoyment as his hair was washed 🙂

After lunch I went to the hospital to see Charlie, when I got there around 3pm, she was just finishing her lunch, she was very happy today, the weekends are the only days Charlie doesn’t have PT or OT, so she is allowed to sleep in a little, before they start her air drying and would care.

Today her sweet nurse Índia, washed Charlie hair, yes her hair is growing, maybe she has a half inch of hair 🙂 , She absolutely love her “spa” experience, they had great 90’s music playing, and her nurse got a heating pad and placed under Charlie’s neck, and washed her hair with baby soap, just like London, I wish you could see Charlie face , she was in êxtase, I could see how good she felt, it is these small gestures that can make the patients feel human again, I am so grateful for India, she always goes above and beyond her duties, and she genuinely loves to take great care of Charlie 🙂 and Charlie really enjoy her company, I can see a beautiful friendship forming.

After her “spa” session, Charlie said I want to relax for few minutes, we turned the music up a little and as Charlie laid in her bed, I laidback in her recliner, and for 10 minutes we both just let the music take us into a very happy place, as I open my eyes I look over to Charlie , after few seconds she open her eyes and we look at each other, and I said, “babe would you ever imagined that one day, we would be on a ICU room, relaxing and listening to music, and with our hearts full happiness and gratitude?!”

She said, not in a million years, but here we are, now I know, nothing is impossible !

That was such a sweet moment, it is hard to even conceptualize the idea of happiness inside of an ICU room, but I must say, we both were genuinely happy, we were just grateful to have each other at that moment.

I am now a firm believer that our life is made of moments, and we must not be distracted to experience incredible moments like the one we had today.

I am so grateful for this new life ! I am so grateful for Charlie's incredible positive attitude, she is and continues to be an inspiration, her gratitude is contagious.

I kindly ask for your continued prayers and support!

Thank you and May God bless you!


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