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Day 130 | JANUARY 18, 2022

Good Evening Friends, today is day 130 of our new and amazing life!

Today was a good day !

This morning I had a lot of errands to run and as I was making my way to sams club to buy sim foot for my hungry boys , Charlie FaceTime me 🙂, she wanted to ask me to please bring her all the pictures that our amazing friends at Performance signs have printed , because she wanted to choose new pictures to have in her room.

So, I made my way to the hospital and got there around 3:30p. Charlie was in her chair and very excited to see the pictures. She went through them and selected 6 pictures to replace some of the ones she had in her room.

Today was a very special visit, we talked during our entire visit and there was no time for tv .

We started our conversation about revamping our Perfection and frustration talk, Charlie is driven to make that change !

I asked Charlie , if she could tell me what are the things that she would like to see changed on me, on this new and amazing life, she said well, I do have few items:

1- I want you to become more compassionate.

2- I want you to spend more time with the boys .

3- I want you to help me more with the household chores.

And she said, the good news is , I can already see that your heart has changed and you now have compassion, she also said that she also knows that I am spending more times with the boys, now we just have to see how well you will do in helping with the house chores 🙂

It was great to hear that she could see the change In my heart , that made me feel so good.

I also assured her that these changes are permanent, because I decided to change instead of being told to change, and now I know what it is like to not have you, and I know how much work you do, so do know that I want to help you a lot !

Charlie also told me that she could not imagine life without me, and that was so comforting to hear since I share the same feeling.

However, the main part of the conversation was when Charlie shared with me a small part of what a nurse told her about me. Before I share this , I want to let you know that I never knew that anyone would pay attention to me when I come to visit her.

Charlie said, the nurse told me that on the first 2 weeks of my visits, I would arrive, ask for an update, and walk into your room quietly and just seat next to your bed and cry, he would do that for 5 to 6 hours daily, we never seen such a sad sighting, this poor husband has no idea if his wife will survive, but he comes in every single day and just sits there , doesn’t say a word ( charlie was not able to really talk at that time ), and she also told Charlie , that they never seen a family member come in every single day for as long charlie has been there , most people will start like that and within a week, just come on the weekends, they said that they felt so much sadness for me, but they also witnessed an incredible dedication and Love! And now they now see why I was here every day and why I come in every day ( minutes 2 snow days) .

It is so humbling to know that my early days of visitation when I would just sit there thinking very fearful thoughts and staring at Charlie laying in her bed connected to the ventilator, did touch some of the nurses with my silent Love declaration.

You never know who’s looking at you and how our actions and behavior can impact someone, even when we are not paying attention .

Charlie felt so loved when her nurse shared that with her, she is kind enough to share this with me.

When you truly love someone , it is an honor to be by their side. In sickness especially, a man will never leave his love, particularly when she is in desperate need of love ! I am so honored to be at Charlie’s side during this incredible journey!

I am so grateful for God’s miracle of giving Charlie a second chance !

Thank you for your prayers and have a good night!

May God Bless You !


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