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Day 13 | SEPTEMBER 23, 2021

Good evening friends, today is day 13 of our new life .

I would like to start by saying Thank you ! Your love and generosity is amazing! I am still in shock how many and how fast the donations came to the GoFundMe campaign.

Well, for today’s update I must start with last night events , when I left the hospital around 7:30p, Charlie was stable and sleeping, however around 11:30pm ( the time I always call for an evening update), her nurse was not available to answer my call and asked me to call 1 hour later. Well I did fall asleep and I woke up at 1:30am and I just could not fall back asleep, I was very agitated and couldn’t stop worrying about Charlie.

Today around 7:50a, I called her nurse and got the update from last night, and I was told that Charlie had a difficult night, she was also very agitated, but her heart rate went up to 192bpm, Tachycardia is expected for burn patients, but her was way too high, so they managed to bring it down with medication.

I arrived at the hospital around 2:40pm today and Charlie was resting and when I entered her room her eyes opened and she looked right into my eyes and had a little smile. I can’t explain how I feel when she does that, it warms my heart! I asked her how she was doing. And her response was , like not sure . She is always funny and in good spirits.

We managed to have a little talk. I mentioned to her how many people are praying for her and how much support she is receiving, she was like , really ?!! No way!!! I said yep, there are over 2k people in your public group, she just could not believe it !

She also could not believe that I am the one writing the daily updates! She said, you don’t know how to write . Well, she is right , I am a horrible writer and I am sorry that you have to endure my long posts! Sorry .

I also showed Charlie the pictures of our boys taken by our friend Kiri, and she loved it !

About 1 hour after my arrival, her Surgeon Dr.Drake walker in her room, and he said hi to me and went straight to one of her monitors, he looked serious, he pulled out his calculator and started to add some numbers on to the monitor that looks at her heart, he looks at me and says, I need to consult with someone smarter than me, I will be back. About 10 minutes later, he walks in with the director of the Cardiac Unit, within those 10 minutes the energy in her room changed, I could sense that something more serious was happening to Charlie, both doctors turned to me and begin to explain to me their concern, Charlie’s heart was pumping blood at a normal rate and pressure, but the pressure on her capillaries blood vessels was very low, and they would need to investigate what was causing that, but they were thinking that could be one of two things, either her body is lacking steroids, and the constant surgeries is causing severe blood loss, she does receive blood daily, or she could be going into septic shock! Yes, this first speed bump is already a very scary one. Upon hearing these possibilities I did the only thing I know that can help, I prayed. I grabbed Charlie’s rosary that has been blessed by pope Francisco and I implored God to protect

Charlie from any infection and to heal her at that very moment, I also contacted Father Nick from St.Peter’s Catholic Church, right next to the hospital, he is the same priest that gave Charlie her first Anointing of the Sick almost two weeks ago , and he came over within 30 minutes, he provided her with the Blessing and the sacrament, I am faithful that Charlie will overcome this first obstacle, God has a plan for her and he will bring her home !

I would like to ask you to increase your prayers for Charlie, she needs it right now !

Seeing Father Nick, I remember a piece of advice he gave me on his previous visit, he said be sure to feel your pain in your heart, not only in your head. By really feeling the pain in your heart, you will become one with Christ, and when I write these updates, I do feel the pain in my heart. It is hard to put into words the events of each day, but I do know how powerful words can be.

I have faith that Charlie will come home , but I also must confess that hearing the words septic shock did bring fear into my mind.

This experience has transformed my mind, heart and soul in a very short period of time, but I also know this journey has just started.

I thank you for your love, support and Prayers!

May God bless you !

Good Night,


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