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Day 128 | JANUARY 16, 2022

Good Evening Friends, today is day 128 of our new and amazing life!

Today was a good day !

Sadly I could not make my way to Richmond to see Charlie today, but we still managed to connect and share sweet moments with our boys.

Today I spent my day with our boys inside. We were blessed that this storm didn’t cause a power outage in our area, so I got to see how amazing London is with my little brother. Baby Julien loves to play with London.

We watched a couple movies and it is so funny to see Julien dancing for every song! He loves to dance and it is so adorable, we also played a lot !

Around 12:30pm, Charlie called us via FaceTime and she talked with London for about 15 minutes, and she told London that this coming week, a paint by numbers book will arrive and everyday London will paint a number and send the book with me , so Charlie can paint her number , so the book will travel back and forth with me , this bonding activity will help both with their motor skills 🙂 , such a sweet idea Charlie had .

The highlight of the call was when Charlie watched for almost 20 minutes Julien eat his lunch, it was an emotional moment for Charlie , she said this phase on a baby life is so important and she is sad to be missing it, however she is so grateful that my mom is here ,taking incredible good care of our boys , she is also grateful that she can witness his early development milestones and she will be home soon enough to enjoy him as a little toddler, she is so eager to come home !

Charlie was in a good mood and her RA pain continues to improve , thank you for your prayers.

Tomorrow afternoon I will try to make my way to see Charlie. I pray for the weather to improve tomorrow.

May God Bless You !


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