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Day 127 | JANUARY 15, 2022

Good Evening Friends, today is day 127 of our new and amazing life!

Today was a good day !

My morning started by waking up with our boys and making a delicious breakfast for them, I was able to get some adorable videos of the boys that Charlie enjoyed during our visit.

I went a little earlier to the hospital, since tomorrow is unlikely that I can make it to the hospital due to the snow storm:(

When I got there, to my surprise Charlie was in a very good mood, I asked her how RA was in pain, and she said much better, and I am no longer feeling the fatigue that I had yesterday! I was happy to hear that !

I was also so grateful for your prayers, because they did provide some relief on her RA flare up! She was so happy to be with less pain ! Of course she is still experiencing pain, but not as bad as yesterday! Thank you for your prayers!

Today we talked about so many things, but at one point our conversation became very emotional and Charlie shared some raw feelings with me, she talked about some of her thoughts in regards to her new body, I was so proud of her , to have the courage to be vulnerable with me, it was very emotional and raw, we also talked about, how when time is right, she will have to grief the lost of her previous body and life, she has the right to do so, her healing is just starting, her new skin will need up to 18 months to fully heal, but Only God knows how long her mind and soul will take to be healed, but the most important step she already took, she is grateful to be alive and is starting to embrace vulnerability.

I assure her that I am and always will be by her side. She knows how strong our bond is, and we will be on this journey together until the end. It was a beautiful conversation, and I am so honored to have her trust .

After this emotional encounter , she decided that she wanted to talk about positive things and we ended up watching a funny show called Ghosts.

We had an incredible visit and I am so happy to see Charlie making progress in her journey. Moments like today give me the perspective that we are just starting the most incredible, difficult and amazing Journey!

I am grateful for your prayers and support!

May God bless you !


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