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Day 126 | JANUARY 14, 2022

Good Evening Friends, today is day 126 of our new and amazing life!

Today was a good day!

Charlie was being placed in her chair when I arrived , she had just finished a very successful PT session, she is making excellent progress and we are so grateful for her therapists.

Today Charlie was a little quiet, she was in a lot of pain, but this pain is from Rheumatoid Arthritis, she is experiencing a flare up, and sadly she can’t have any of her RA meds, since they would interfere with her healing.

Charlie is such a trooper, but today I could see the pain in her eyes, in our 14 years of Marriage, I can only recall a couple of maybe 3 instances that Charlie stayed in bed during a flare up, she never let her pain stop her!

Even with a huge amount of pain, Charlie was able to do her 1.5h session with PT, and to be in her chair to visit with me for 4 hours, she is always pushing past the pain !

Pain has been Charlie's companion from an early age, her RA is painful, and this lifetime of pain has produced the most amazing and compassionate person. Charlie 's relationship with suffering is not new, and now she has added an incredible amount of pain to her life ! And not once she has complained, My heart aches for her, and I pray that God can offer some relief, because the RA pain is intense and doesn’t go away with the regular painkillers.

Part of our conversation today was about the book, Charlie has so much to add to it, I am just so excited to hear her point of views on some of my journal entries.

We also talked about the future, how exciting it is to be given this amazing new life, we are carefully crafting very special ideas to implement in our new life !

How much we want gratitude to be a permanent state of mind for us, and how important our non profit will be in our new life !

Giving back is the best way to enrich our lives and help anyone in need .

Tonight, I kindly ask you to please pray for Charlie pain to go away, she could use a break from RA.

Thank you, May God Bless You !


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