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Day 119 | JANUARY 07, 2022

Good Evening Friends, today is day 119 of our new and amazing life.

Today was a very good day.

Today I went to the hospital and arrived around 2:30p, Charlie was very happy to see me.

She wanted to tell me how much progress she has made with her arms range of motion, she is doing very well and her OT therapists are so proud of her !

Shortly after my arrival, Charlie was placed on her chair, and while we started to talk, her incredible nurse, washed Charlie’s hair, yes she is growing hair back and it is growing fast, Charlie said it felt so good, the nurse name is India, she is so compassionate, she always makes Charlie regain some dignity, by washing her face, her head , I am so grateful for all her nurses and doctors, they have incredible care towards Charlie.

I was told that sometimes, the nurses compete to be assigned to Charlie care:) that is how much they love to interact with Charlie, it is so amazing to see their interactions.

Today Charlie and I had some incredible talks. One of the things we discussed was why would God allow a tragedy like this to happen to Charlie ?

I started by telling her a story, I said love, imagine when a little boy, takes his dog to get a vaccine at the Vet and the dog looks at him with his eyes in terror of the needle, Could the little boy explain to his dog that the vaccine is going to protect him to not get sick, would the dog understand?

No, the kid and the dog don’t speak the same language, well we are like the dog, and God is like the kid on this story, God is not human, even though Jesus was human, but God father is not and his understanding is different than ours, there is no way to understand why he would allow tragedy to happen to anyone, I can try to understand with my human understanding, that Tragedy like this does happen, and God may use this horrific event to inspire, and give hope to a lot of people, we have faith that God has a plan, and if we can get anyone closer to God with your story, that is enough for me to see the purpose of this tragedy, it is not fair, but it is God’s work and we have to accept this new life , and be grateful for your life and God's love.

Charlie looked at me and said, wow , I never thought about this, but the way you told me the dog and the boy story, made a lot of sense to me.

I am so grateful that Charlie is really opening her heart and mind as she embarks in her next phase of this journey, she will need every inch of mental toughness and faith to overcome the pain and frustration at the rehabilitation, I pray and I ask you to join me, to ask God to give Charlie the strength that she needs!

It is a blessing to see Charlie becoming aware of our new and amazing life! Just weeks ago, Charlie couldn’t talk! We have come so far in such a short period of time !

I am amazed at how fast time is passing since I really embraced gratitude, and I also remember how slow time passed when I was in fear and sorrow.

I thank you for your prayers for Charlie and also Little Max, he is fighting the good fight!

There is a page for Max updates the man of the page is @Team Max. If you would like official updates on him, that is the page to follow .

May God Bless You!


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