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Day 114 | JANUARY 02, 2022

Good Evening Friends, today is 114 days of our new and amazing life !

Today my day started with London standing by my side. After waking up, and eating breakfast, we all went to Mass, vovó, London , Julien and myself. I had no idea this day would become a very important day!

This was our first Mass of the year. It felt so good to be in the presence of God and thank him for his many blessings in our life.

I made my way to see Charlie and when I arrived there, they were finishing her wound care, Charlie was in great spirits and her pain level is under control, we talked as usual about our boys, but we also talked about a little boy, yesterday that someone on the comments asked for prayers, so I asked Charlie to add him to her prayers as well.

After I told Charlie about this little boy, we started to watch our show, but something inside of me just told me to try to find out more about this child.

So I asked Charlie’s Doctor if there was a 11 year old boy at the burn unit ? He vaguely told me, no, there is a child at the pediatric ICU, but his burn injuries are similar in size to Charlie’s, of course he could not give me any information due to HIPPA laws.

So, I messaged the person that asked for the prayers, and she kindly shared with me the family name and their Go Fund Me Page where there are some details of his accident.

As I read the text about what happened, I was overwhelmed with a new feeling Compassion, this is a brand new feeling to me, I felt this incredible desire to offer any help or comfort , immediately I started to cry, I actually sobbed, Charlie never saw me like this, she was so moved as well, I felt in my heart the pain and fear these couple must be feeling, Max is the name of this little boy, he is 11 years old and was burned in a bonfire accident, I don’t know the details, I don’t know the family, all I know is that they need immediately help! The accident happened a few days before Christmas, so they are in the darkness of the early days. I know too well how scary and fearful they must be feeling right now , I know that God wants me to help, I know that this young family needs help! They have two other younger children. I can imagine the pain, but I can only imagine the guilt a patient must feel when our child gets hurt in an accident. I have been praying for God to comfort their hearts.

Charlie told me that she could not believe her eyes, she witnessed me feeling compassion towards this family, she said , yes! I can now say that you have evolved and you are a much better person.

I have asked to be placed in contact with this family, and I want to speak with them in person and see what they need and how I can help. I know they live in Lynchburg , VA.

Today, I am going to take on my first mission of 2022. God is asking me to use this amazing platform to help this young family!

I am kindly begging you, please donate and share to their Go Fund Me Page, I would like to ask you for the same incredible love and generosity extended to my family to be extended to this family in the same way please.

I don’t think they know what kind of medical expenses they will be facing, this little boy is in a medically induced coma and God will save his life in the same way he saved Charlie’s life !

Max will need CEA, and I know how expensive this treatment is, I kindly ask you let’s lift this family up with so much love and prayers, they need it!

We don’t have a non profit set up as of yet, but I can tell you that this is our first case, There is no coincidence that Charlie and Him are facing the same challenge, I have promised Charlie that I will do everything in my power to embrace this family that I don’t even know it yet, with love, support and financial security.

Lynchburg friends, can I please ask you to help me in either starting or contributing to a meal train ? I know how important this is .

I am asking you to please stop any donations towards Charlie, let’s focus on Little Max , I know I can count on your generosity and prayers.

May God Bless Your generosity. I know you have the power to support this family the same way you have supported us.

Thank you!


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