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Day 11 | SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

Good evening Friends, today is day 11 of our new life !

It is good to see the number of friends growing in this group!

Well, another good day for Charlie! She had her 11th surgery today, once again they changed her allograft and they did the daily wound care , where they little clean and scrub her wounds with a special antibacterial solution, I can’t even imagine how painful this must be for her, but so far Charlie never , said once that she was in excruciating pain. She is just too strong:), I just don’t know how she does it!

After her surgery, I was able to speak with one of her surgeons, Dr. Drake, he was very nice and gave me very good information on her case, he went over the procedures, but also told me that he is very pleased with her healing stage, he said she is young, super healthy and this is the reason why she will go home .

He also shared with me that the lab had called and informed him that her skin cells are growing very well, and they would have her first batch of lab made skin by October 7th!! I can’t believe how fast it is growing!!

Dr. Drake did warn me , this is the honeymoon stage, in about a month or two, you will need to be prepared for the possible infection waves, sadly it is a reality that she may have to endure , but there is no way to know for sure what to expect.

So, today I choose to celebrate her small victory and I refuse to let fear of the potential risk of infection take over my mind.

We are people of faith, and that is when God asks us to trust him ! And that I will.

Thank you so much for your continued love and support! You guys are beyond incredible and I thank you so much!

May God bless you all!

Good Night,


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Cheering on Charlie. 

On Friday, September 10th, Charlie Anne Xavier was in a horrific and life-changing accident. Though she’s surprising her doctors and nurses daily with her incredible strength and resilience, this road to recovery will be an incredibly long one. 

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