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Day 102 | DECEMBER 21, 2021

Good Evening Friends, today is day 102 of our new and amazing life !

You may be wondering why yesterday post was posted so let and was so short, well I would like to explain the reason, please take a moment as read today’s post for the answer:

Today was a good day!

My day started with London standing by my bedside , just staring at me as I woke up around 7:20am , his sweet face looking at me and saying , good morning dad! How can the day start any better !

So, after getting ready and having breaks with the family, was time for a morning TV interview with our friends at NBC29, stay tuned either tonight or tomorrow, the story will air, Rachel always does a great job with her interview skills, she knows how to make you comfortable and at easy in front of the camera.

We talked about Charlie’s 100 day update, how much has Charlie achieved on this 100 days! But also how hard this time around Christmas is for our family, since Charlie won’t be home with us, and she will be alone at the hospital without her beloved boys, but we remain grateful for this second chance that God has provided us with.

Here is what was behind yesterday’s post,

Charlie has been fighting the infections as you know and it has been hard on her , she felt very frustrated, because she can’t do anything on her own, if she wants water she needs to wait for a nurse, if she needs to scratch her head , she needs to ask her nurse , so she was feeling trapped in her body, and we had a very real and emotional conversation about her current situation, laying in the hospital bed for over 100 days, where she has no control of anything around her , not even her own body, in a way she is a prisoner of her body, so yesterday we let it all out, and for the first time Charlie felt safe and comfortable to express her frustration, I also shared my heartbreak in seeing her so frustrated and in that situation, I gave her the advice I have been living by , since the priest that gave Charlie her ointment of the sick for the second time , I told her , let us feel in our heart and bodies the frustration that is upon us, frustration manifest itself on our bodies as crying, and also with moments of silence but the overwhelming feeling of crying runs through your body and you can’t control, we allowed that to happen last night , and as we cried , we made the commitment to allow the frustration to ravage on our heart and body , but it would be just for one night, we made the conscious decision that we will remember this moment and use as fuel for her next challenge, the rehabilitation.

We already know that pain will be hard, but the real challenge will be the frustration , and by experiencing and controlling the frustration now, it will give us the wisdom and courage to face it once again at rehab, or at any time in our life’s! We decided that today, we would find a way to return to be grateful, and that we did! We both did! I am so proud of Charlie , to overcome her helpless feel and by focusing on the one thing she can control, her mind , she managed to change her mindset and be grateful and positive, even though her circumstances have not changed, her attitude has and today we had a great day where gratitude was at the center of our mind and hearts, I can’t express how amazing it feels to have the power to change how we feel, even when the circumstances or situation have not changed , we are able to transcend and focus on what we can control, our mind.

We also prayed and God’s gave us the peace and knowledge we need to find the light into that dark moment, now you know why I had such a short post, it had been a hard and emotional day, and I was not sure how to write about the first time that Charlie expressed frustration, but I do find strength in being vulnerable.

Today’s visit was great! Charlie was in such a different mindset from yesterday, it was incredible to see her being grateful and open to our new routine. We also agree that for 2 hours of our visit, we will enrich ourselves with positive content, either via books, or Videos. We are working on our minds and on our faith.

We talked more about yesterday emotional talk, and how amazing it felt to allow our negative emotion to run its course , and how empowering it felt this morning and to make the conscious decision that we will be grateful and boy we had such a blessed and good day, we did our 2 hours of education, and we also watched some regular tv, today was Chicago Med, Charlie enjoys that show so as I.

Now I am allowed to touch Charlie’s head, so she loves to receive a head massage and to fall asleep to it. It adds a completely new level of comfort to Charlie and of happiness to me, it is just amazing to have the ability to comfort Charlie in a physical way.

I am so grateful to God’s grace, I am grateful for my ability to explore and learn about my own mind , and I am grateful for your prayers and support!

You may have noticed that I am posting later than before , the reason is now Charlie can talk, so our visits are much longer and we love it! So I will try to post now around 10:30pm. I don’t want you to be worried, so this is the new posting time. I respect your time and I appreciate you continuing to follow our Journey.

Have a good night, May God Bless You !


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