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Day 100 | DECEMBER 19, 2021

Good Evening Friends, today is day 100 of our new and amazing life!

It is hard to believe that today we mark 100 days since Charlie’s horrific accident! So much has happened, so many emotions lived, so much learned , so many blessings and yet, we are barely on the halfway mark of Charlie being home !

On this 100 days, I went from the darkest moment of my life , to be able to be become so humbled and grateful, I have driven 14,000 miles between our home and VCU burn center, I have used over 500 gallons of Gas , I have logged over 220 hours of driving, I have listened to over 25 audio books, and several podcasts, I have given over 45 medical consents for Charlie’s surgeries, I have missed over 60 meals, on the beginning of this journey when I couldn’t eat, because of the fear of losing Charlie, I have missed over 60 bedtime stories with our boys, I have missed so much, but the one thing I am proud of never missing is, my visits to Charlie , I have been at her side every single day, today I logged 100 visits.

Those numbers are not a complain or a way of showing off, they help me to quantity the time that Charlie has been at the hospital, I am grateful for the progress that she has made, I am grateful and humbled by the support we have received and continue to receive, it is a long Journey, and yet we still in the beginning stages.

Today is baby Julien's 1st birthday!! Our sweet little boy is the happiest baby! I am so glad that Charlie was able to see him yesterday on video !

As usual I went to mass today and after church I made my way to see Charlie, I have been a little anxious in the last 4 days, because the VCU critical care hospital that encompass the burn unit entire phone system is down , no calls can come in and no calls can go out, so I am not able to get updates on Charlie like I am used to, one in the morning and one in the evening, I have tried to ask the nurses to answer Charlie cell phone , but it does not always work, so I am at the mercy of her nurse to call me when they can, it is a very unfortunate situation and I have no idea how can they operate with no phones for the last 4 days! Finally today at 8pm phones are back!

But when I arrived , Charlie was resting and she looked so peaceful and beautiful, that I just seat by the window facing her and waited until she woke up , Charlie is not feeling to well today, she is fighting the UTI and blood infection, so she is very uncomfortable, we did chatted a little about our sweet boys.

Today was an overall good day, I am looking forward to the next couple days, when Charlie will be feeling better as the antibiotics kicks in.

I am so grateful for Charlie’s life, and for all your love and support.

May God Bless You


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Cheering on Charlie. 

On Friday, September 10th, Charlie Anne Xavier was in a horrific and life-changing accident. Though she’s surprising her doctors and nurses daily with her incredible strength and resilience, this road to recovery will be an incredibly long one. 

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