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Charlie's Incredible Story 

About Me
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The day tragedy struck our family.

On the morning of September 10th, Charlie left the house early before either of her boys were awake, She didn’t hug them or kiss them or say goodbye. Not long after leaving her sweet babes, She had an accident that would alter her life as she knew it forever. She wouldn’t return home and instead was airlifted to VCU hospital to their burn unit where she would remain for 172 days before being able to hug and squeeze and sniff her babies again.

She survived a horrific event that left her with burns on 85% percent of her body.

She only had a 3% chance of survival and even after overcoming those odds, She was expected to be hospitalized for at least 12 months.

This blog will be a place for Andre, her husband and advocate to share updates for all who are rooting for her.  All events and the Book Launch will be announced on this Blog.

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